Win 5 Maybelline Hampers!

You could win 5 maybelline hampers! Take this simple quiz about alia bhatt’s secrets and you could win Β maybelline hamper! There are 5 hampers to giveaway … So hurry up! πŸ™‚

Win 5 Maybelline Hampers!
Win 5 Maybelline Hampers!

Rules: Answer with any 3 secrets alia bhatt has revealed in this video. Like my video, Subscribe to my youtube Follow on Twitter and like on Facebook. Also there is another giveaway running on my video, Do take part to win some cool goodies! ^_^ Β  The Giveaway runs until 2nd September to 9th October.

Β Hamper might differ from shown, Hamper will be sent directly by maybelline India.Β 


Keep it Stylish!

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  1. #Alia’sSecret 1: Alia’s skincare regimen includes drinking a lot of water and lots of sleep.
    #Alia’sSecret 2: Alia’ favourite Maybelline product is the Lip Polishes.
    #Alia’sSecret 3: Alia’s favourite Mahesh Bhatt-movie is Zakham

    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to win πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Manpreet,
    First of all a big thanks to u for organising awesome Giveaway to ur fans ^_^

    So the 3 Secrets about Alia Bhutt is –
    1. Alia’s Fashion Mantra is to take Risk.
    2. The One quality that Alia looks for in a guy is that he should be able to make her laugh.
    3. The proudest Moment of Alia’s life is been when his dad told her that He is so Proud of her that he can’t sleep.

    Really happy to know Alia’s Secrets…..such a nice video as well as Giveawayyyy πŸ™‚
    Really Really wish to win…..Fingers Tightly Crossed *_*

  3. Alia’s Secrets
    1. Secret for her Success – her FANS
    2. Beauty Secret – Drink lots of water and sleep a lot, She sleeps like a baby and purrs like a cat
    3. Favorite Color Show colour – Silver

  4. Heyya Manpreet thanks for the lively giveaway πŸ™‚
    The secrets which I loved the most are –
    1. Alia’s proudest Moment is when her Dad said that He can’t sleep,He is so proud of her .
    2. If anyone would make ‘the
    fault in our stars’ in bollywood she
    would kill to be part of it !
    3.Alia’s favorite Maybelline new york product
    is Lip Polish Pop 6.

    Followed all the rules πŸ™‚
    My Facebook id-Nasrin Begam
    Twitter -@18Carpe_Diem
    YouTube -Nasrin begam (

  5. Hi Manpreet
    thanks for lovely giveaway
    # 3 secrets about Alia are
    1. She drinks lots of water and sleeps like a baby she can sleep like a cat for 18 hours woww!!(her skin care regime)
    2 She said there us no way shecan choose between varun dhawan and sidharth mlahotra they aere like her right and left arm.
    3 Her favorite c0lor show shade is silver and nude she likes as it goes with all outfits she sparked off d nailfie trend !
    sugandha dixit

  6. Hey Manpreet! Here are my answers
    1) Alia’s skin care regime includes drinking a lot of water and sleeping a lot!
    2) Alia’s proudest moments is when her dad said “Alia I can’t sleep, I am so proud of you” (:
    3) She would love to star in the Bollywood remake of The Fault In Our Stars ! Its her dream role. (I love the book so so soo much and i think she would make great Hazel ^_^)

    Liked on Facebook and subscribed on Youtube :’) (Sorry idont have a twitter :/ )

  7. Hi Manpreet
    Alia Secrets are
    1. Her proudest moment was wen her dad said Alia i cant sleep i am so proud of you !!
    2 She loves to takes risk .its her fashion mantra.
    3 Her favourite colors show nail paint is Silver and she likes nude also as it goes with every outfit !!
    hope to win fingerscrossed !!

  8. Hey Manpreet ! Bumped into your website and cant stop reading your reviews! WOAH! U write Fab ! Love it πŸ˜€ Thankqoooo !

    Thanks a Bunch dear for hosting such a Fab #Maybelline #Giveaway! Woot! Who doesnt like MNY! “Drooooooling” πŸ˜›

    Here is my answer :
    3 Secrets which I got to know about Alia are :

    1. Her Fashion Mantra – I didn’t know that she is so Bindass and a Risk taking person when it comes to Fashion! Ooooh! and I loved it! She is really an Inspiration to so many of us! As they say : Life is too short to wear boring clothes, so take risk and live life Queen size πŸ˜› She fits perfect in that! <3

    2. Dream Man : The one quality that she looks for the most in a guy is "the one who can make her laugh" OMG! Thats awesome and thats what I love too (He should be Chandler funny, yeah : Chandler Bing Funny) Lol! πŸ˜€

    3. Her Favorite MNY Lip products are Lip Polish Pop6 and Baby Lips! Yay! We all love that ryt! Kiss Kiss Pucker and Pout! O! My Baby Lips! :*

    Here are my Deets :

    Subscribed on Youtube as : Divya Gattani
    Twitter Handle : @divyaszaika
    Face Book : Divya Gattani

    Lots of Love and Wishes

  9. Hi Manpreet,

    Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway on your fabulous blog.

    My answers :
    1. Alia’s Fashion Mantra: She’s carefree, ready to take risks. She loves dressing up the way she likes. ( That is so like me! )

    2. Alia’s Skin Care Secret: Getting a good, restful sleep (she can sleep like a cat for 18 hours staright) & drinking lot of water.

    3. Qualities Alia is looking for in a guy: If he can make her laugh ( a good sense of humor … I share this too with her)

    Following you on Twitter, subscribed to your YouTube Channel (liked your giveaway video) , liked you on Facebook & will be sharing your FAB giveaway with friends on twitter & FB.


  10. Hi manpreet..thanx for such fabulous give away…

    Alia bhatts 2 secrets are:
    1. Varun and siddharth are her left and right arms and she can not choose between the two .
    2. Alia can sleep for like 18hours a day..she adds,when she sleeps she sleeps like a baby..
    I would really wish to win this coz i have my wedding on nov26 and will be fortunate enough to carry your this gesture all my married life..
    Best wishes.
    M followin u on twitter and liking on FB..subscribed to your channel
    Will be spreading the word about this blog as well..

  11. M sorry..out ofexcitement i could not realise i havent told the 3rd here it goes..

    3. She likes lip polish is her favourite ,she adds..

    I am really sorry but do consider my comments..

    All my best wishes to you and may you succeed in this field of bloggers and :>

  12. Hello manpreet..
    The 3secrets are;
    1) alia is a risk taker,besides its raining ,she does not care and she loves taking risk..
    2) her favourite nail show is nude,it goes on every outfit she adds.
    3) her favourite movie is zakhm..

    Wish to be 1 out of the lucky 5..
    Added u on twitter and subscribe to your channel..i am not on FB πŸ™
    Will be waiting for tommorow..mmuuaahhh

  13. The 3 secrets I got to know about Alia is 1) the one Quality tht she looks in a guy” is that he should be able to make her laugh.. Even i also like guys who can make me laugh in all situations !! 2) the other #Alia’s Hollywood film remake does Alia want to be a part of is:
    Fault in our stars.!! amazing it would be πŸ™‚
    3) she is obsessed with maybelline products like me πŸ™‚ I really love maybelline color show
    Following u on Twitter n instagram username : misscjain
    YouTube : chandani jain
    Fb : chandani jain

  14. hi Manpreet

    The three secrets that Alia revealed about herself are
    1: Her latest obsession is sparkling nailfies. And she adore nude shade on her nails that goes well with every color ourfit.
    2: She drinks a lot of water and sleeps carefree like a baby (that ultimately destreses her n adds to her natural beauty)
    3: Her favourite movie is Zakhm n her fav song is “I love my baby lips” that she sang so beautifully in the video.

    Followed u on FB: Shilpa Bindlish
    Twitter: @artisanme79
    youtube: Shilpa Bindlish

    Keeping my fingers crossed to win
    Shilpa Bindlish

  15. Hey Manpreet,
    First of all a big thank you for organizing this super duper fab and amazing giveaway.In love with all those lovely posts which are up on your site and the Maybelline Products too πŸ™‚
    The Three secrets as revealed by Alia are :
    1) Her Skin Care regime includes drinking a lot of water and sleeping carelessly like a baby.
    2) The one quality that she looks in her dream man is that ” he can make her laugh”……even I also wants the same
    3) her proudest moment was when her father told her ” Alia , I can’t sleep……I am so proud of you”.

    I have followed all your steps.Subscribed and followed on youtube , twitter and facebook respectively πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Twitter : @SANGEETAAGRAWA2
    Facebook : Sangeeta Agrawal

    Thanks again for this exciting Maybelline Giveaway.
    With Warm Regards,
    Sangeeta Agrawal ………………Lots Of XOXO β™₯ β™₯ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. Hey Manpreet, first of all thanks for organizing this amazing giveaway in collaboration with Maybelline! And, best wishes for years of blogging that you have ahead of you!
    My top 3 Alia Secrets from the video are:
    1. She is a very loyal friend! Love how she refuses to choose a favorite between Varun and Siddhart!
    2. She too, just like the rest of us, is smitten by the #Nailfie trend!
    3. Her favorite Maybelline product is Lip Polish! Love her choice in cosmetics!
    Done following you on twitter and facebook, subscribed to your channel on youtube!
    Now its just a matter of time before you announce the winners! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for it!
    Saachi Garg

  17. So glad you are organising this giveaway that too along with maybelline πŸ™‚ Have always loved maybelline products and infact when i checked i had mostly maybelline products only! they are affordable yet trendy and not to sound cliche but i totally love love love love their colossal kajal, baby lips and gel eyeliner ( have already repurchased them like umpteen number of times!)

    So here i am entering maybelline contest πŸ™‚ and three secrets revealed by alia ( btw i think alia is like “the” brand ambassador for maybelline- fun chick and girly!)
    – Alias fashion mantra is to don what she loves at the moment even if it involves taking risks.
    – Alia absolutely loves the silver shade in glitter mania but also said she likes the nude shade as it matches well with any color of her outfit.
    -Alias beauty secret – lots of water intake and sleeping like a baby kitten for 8 hours or more!
    Youtube – already subscribed (
    Twitter – followed already (@angela_vattoth)

    Also a little something extra you might not have known about maybelline – Maybelline is named after a lady maybel who used ashes plus vaseline to make mascara for her eyelashes ( MAYBEL +vaseLINE = ringing any bells??) And so there is like a huge family behind the original maybelline before it was sold off and there is even a book about it πŸ™‚ ( the maybelline story written by Sharrie williams who belongs to the maybelline family –

  18. 1) The proudest moment of Alia’s life is when her father said that he is so proud of her that he can’t sleep.
    2) To maintain perfect skin, Alia consumes a lot of water.
    3) Her favorite Mahesh Bhatt movie is Zakham.

  19. Hi Manpreet,
    Congratulations for organizing this giveaway. Maybelline is the brand which wins everybody’s heart and when its product are in Giveaway then every girl will wish to grab. And me too getting greedy for it <3 <3

    Alia is the brand ambassador of Maybelline and she opened her secrets of life with us and through this we all came to know more about her life.
    1- Beauty Secret: Drinks lots of water and sleeps like a baby.
    2- Dream Man: The person who can make her laugh.

    Following you on facebook, twitter, g+ and youtube

    Lots of love
    3- Fashion Mantra: She is a person who is taking risk.

  20. hey! Thankyou for this wonderful giveaway! May the best one win! Her secrets are… 1. She drinks a lot of water 2. She sleeps like a baby for 18 hours.. Aww how sweet is that! 3. She gives the credit for success to her fans! We love you Alia. You rock girl!:-) She loves taking risks! Well, followed all the rules now hope to win it!:-)

  21. Hello There !!! Thank you for this give away…The three secrets of Alia bhatt are as follows :
    1. Alia gives credit for her success to her fans
    2. Alia’s favourite movie among the one which her daddy made is ZAKHAM
    3. Alia like people who are ready to take risks everytime….
    Hope I win it πŸ˜€

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