Why Achieving a Flat Belly Isn’t your ONLY Goal

Get the dream body you want. 

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Been there done that… 

Fell hard.. Hit the bottom .. Fled the truth.. Wiped those tears and masked them strong.

Sounds like you? Sounds like most.. many.. almost all of us. 

We want to “lose weight” and if we are not the ones trying to lose weight.. We are busy telling others to lose weight. 

How is this obsession with weight loss helping us? Any of us? As a society we’re all together falling/ have fallen in this pit, of looking a certain way, having a certain weight, achieving a flat belly, gaining those six packs.. For WHAT?!

Yes, Being healthy is very important. BUT again, measuring your health based on numbers isn’t. 

“How many calories are in this food” ..” How much of weight will I gain eating a 100g of ……” 

Why don’t you ask yourself how much of chemical is in this????? 


It’s the chemicals in the food that are causing all the aliments NOT the vegetables/ Fruits that you are eating. 

Food isn’t the enemy, Weight loss/ Flat belly isn’t your only goal in life. 

 Why Achieving a Flat Belly Isn't your ONLY Goal
Why Achieving a Flat Belly Isn’t your ONLY Goal

You are MUCH more than your weight, Much more than a shape.

You have so MUCH to contribute to everything around you. 

You are so MUCH more than your  measurement

You could be an XL or an XS … that doesn’t define the size of your spirit!

Take care of the body you have. Love it the way it is…

Eat right.. Don’t Starve away your days on this earth.

Learn to love..

Learn to give…

Aspire to Inspire

Have a BIG heart.. BIG Smile.. BIG Spirit!  

The BLUNT Truth, The Diet industry doesn’t want you to know.  Why Achieving a Flat Belly Isn’t your ONLY Goal

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    1. Not so good article … dont mind ….
      i agree ww should not be crazy with weight loss regime but having healthy body is very very important for all aspects of life
      And overweight or obesity is noway healthy

      1. Hi SJ,

        Thank you for your feedback. The purpose of this article is a gentle reminder to have a healthy relationship with food and body . It’s to watch out for the “lab Food/Chemicals” In no way is obesity encouraged. But Loving yourself should not be related to how much a person weighs .

  1. Very inspiring post. Yes you are correct we must love our body as it is and having a healthy body is much important than having a shaped body….

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