Unheard Music of the soul

Unheard Music of the soul
Today is a ‘random’ post, yet something we all can relate to in one way or the other. it isn’t easy pouring your heart out to write sometimes because of the fight between your upper wing and pump wing [ie your brain and heart] why? you may ask.  i’ll explain. Ever had those days that made you feel sad?? or even worse Lost?  alone?? in this big world???

  Many days pass with people trying to figure things out; Sometimes  a life time. The most common regret people have at their death beds isn’t a fancy car or a high paying job. It is that they spent their lives in vain. It is that they could have spent more time with their loved ones, that they could have had had the courage to follow their dreams. Well this is what this post is exactly about – Unheard Music of the soul. The real calling..

At the Speed the time is flying by and life is moving it is easy to feel left out, to feel you have no place to be in and Home is far away. Your friends just seem to be aloof of the pain they are causing you or you are lose all your friends which you eventually will, but don’t freak out it’s a part of growing up. Sometimes people grow together and other times they just grow apart.
if you are going through any of it just know, My friend let me tell you just the truth. YOU WILL BE FINE. You’ll make it through stronger. Here are some important pointers to help you along the way.
Acceptance helps heal faster. Know that it is gonna be fine. Accept the reality and breathe. you need to keep your calm rather than saying things that you’ll regret forever just dont say anything at all or Politely let your message be conveyed
Anger: Make sure you “try” not to talk to some one when you are anger. [ i say try because i know it does become hard to calm down and reply to someone at times.]
Forgiveness: i know it does sound old school but forgiving events, people will only and only set you free from the chains holding you down.
Love yourself, dont critize yourself or hate your self for not having good friends, remember its not necessarily YOUR fault, you might just be different. and trust me sometimes  people feel inferior to you or are jealous.
Finally pray, irrespective of the religion you follow, Prayers are a way of filling yourself with positive energy.
So, go ahead people, Live it up cuz life is really short no joke its happiness that matters in the end.  At times  becomes really important to explore your inner-self, because it is in here you have the greatest potential to do whatever you like and be who you want to be.
Let me know if you guys need any help and if you want my personal “Uplifting playlist” 🙂 
Lots of love and kisses!
                                                                 Keep it Stylish! 


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  1. A must read! Positive Positive Positive 🙂
    Humans can’t escape pain or negative and what matters is how positively reacts to a situation!

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