THE ONLY TRICK You NEED to Beat Food Cravings

THE ONLY TRICK You NEED to Beat Food Cravings

What’s worse than dieting? Cravings. We all have it, especially when trying to diet or trying to make healthier choices. On a never ending quest to defeat these “cravings”. A new research has come up with an answer – Finally! Read ahead and find out more about how you can battle these cravings effectively and be your beautiful self [ Not that you already arent ūüėČ ].

A new Research¬†¬†released this January, stated that the easiest way to tame the cravings monster is by feeding it – Never Later. Confused? Well, The study suggested that the term “later” reduced the immediate desire to fall for the temptation. Never, No.. etc aren’t your best friends when beating a craving.¬†

Don’t understand this psychological muse? Follow these each tips to get rid of your craving.

Sweat it Out: When in doubt exercise, No we don’t me twenty four hours of working out. But sweating it out has shown numerous benefits. ¬†One of them is making healthier choices; People who workout tend to be some what better than the ones who don’t.¬†

Talk it away: Talk to a person [or pet] you trust or write it away. Letting it out can actually help curb the craving. Knowing that you’re not alone and have support is very comforting and helps in making a better choice. ¬†

Freeze it: Have a cup of ice cold water. Ice water apparently has a lot of benefits, On of the many is curbing a craving. Apparently alot of celebrities swear by this, sucking on an ice cube helps in beating cravings.

Recipe: We have an easy and healthy recipe if you are craving ice cream:

  • Bananas
  • Frozen Berries
  • Nuts (Optional).
  • Chocolate (Optional).¬†

Peel and chop up two bananas. Then take the frozen berries and frozen bananas; Blend them really well until they are the consistency of  an ice cream. Top them with nuts ,chocolate or whatever your choice of topping is [ideally keep it chemical free]. And you have a guilt free yummy Ice Cream!

Moderation: If everything else fails, don’t be shy to have a little of what you crave in moderation. What most don’t understand is that it’s alright to have a little bit of treats now and then. It is important to understand the pros and cons of what you eat. Chemicals in the food we consume today is the issue, Not food itself. Hence if you crave sugar loaded treats; go for a natural alternative i.e the humble fruit. Fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals. You could make your meals fun and yummy, So you don’t binge on the junk.

 What is your favorite way to beat cravings? Do let us know 



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