The Weirdest Beauty Tricks You NEED To TRY

The Weirdest Beauty Tricks You NEED To TRY

Now, We all love to try different beauty tips and tricks to look our best. But what if we shared with you a recipe to make your own edible dry shampoo Or How to you can make a Wrap- But for your LIPS? Yep. That weird. Here are enclosed the weirdest beauty tricks that- WORK! 

Edible Dry Shampoo: Yep. You heard Read it Right. Now you can DIY your very own edible dry shampoo. Yes you an eat it, But you won’t guess why? Because you will be applying this on your scalp, silly! All you need is some raw unsweetened cocoa powder.  Make sure it’s unsweetened and No, Hot chocolate powder won’t work. 

Take the cocoa powder and dust it on your scalp, evenly. Make sure you don’t apply too much. Gently massage your scalp and watch the powder work its magic! Chocolate smelling hair and A Natural chemical free dry shampoo. We say it’s a win!

Sunflower Oil: This has been a cooking favorite in alot of households. But what if we told you that this makes a great moisturizer [apparently helps fights wrinkles as well!] . it has a zero comedogenic rating aka less chances of breakouts. It is cheap and it works.

Nipple to lip: Yea. So those nip creams that heal cracked, dry nipples. Make amazing lip moisturizers, We thought you should know. The Lanolin in the nipple creams actually helps heal and soothe cracked lips 

Glycerin: Add some glycerin to your bath and wash your skin become soft and smooth! Add some of it to your bath and dip in a few mins. 

Jumbo Pencil down the dill

Wrap for dry lips: The cold winds and winters taking a toll on your pout? Fear not, wrap them. Here’s how you make an easy lip wrap.

You’ll need:

  • Vaseline 
  • A plastic wrap 

Apply generous amount of Vaseline on your lips and then apply the plastic wrap onto the lips. Let is sit for 10 – 15 mins. Remove the wrap and massage gently. And you’ll have the softest lips ever.

Eye shadow Contour:  Now, this is a serious hack. The Kim K sharp contour has been a hype for over a year. But it is probably isn’t easy for alot of people to get a hang of it. There are two keys when it comes to contouring. One is the product itself and the second the technique. The product used for contouring needs to be matte. No shimmer, No sheen. It has to be matte. Now that you know the product you need. May we add that you can actually search your stash and use a matte eye shadow for your contour? – Just make sure it’s matte.

What are your tried and tested beauty tricks, Do share with us in the comments below 🙂

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