The Secret Behind the Flawless Victoria’s Secret Angels

Hello beautiful  People,

                                      The title says it all…… its the secret all of us wanna know 🙂 who doesn’t after all  wants to know the secret of these wonderful girls? aka The Angels.

Not only the way they look but even the way they appear confident n stuff But there is a difference between “being sexy” and “feeling sexy” What i personally feel is when you feel it, you make it a part of you and it looks more real [if that makes sense to you, Lol] You radiate with positive energy or charismatic as they say. Just plainly being sexy or the fake sexiness is good enough only  to a certain extent.. No matter what size you are, you can always FEEL SEXY! 🙂

                                        Okay So, time to reveal the secrets behind the making of The Victoria’s Angels! it is their  Flawless Skin or the impeccable figure? let’s find it all out

Skin Secret 1 ! 

                                 Okay so this is NEAT and CLEAN, The models swear by this, they remove all the make up and clean their face “properly” before they retire to gain some rest. I know this sounds like no big deal but manyyy of us sleep with make up on or without cleaning our face…!!! [I’m guilty too.. grin* :D]

Secret 2 !! 
                                    Moisturize and use a Sunblock…!! this will help protect your skin and will keep the flaky itchy skin at bay [ouch!] for oily skin try an oil free moisturizer and if you forget the sunblock like me, get a moisturizer with an spf 30 or above!

Secret 3 !!!

                                     Use good Products i.e DONOT but cheap or duplicate products for your skin [ no good, girl] You’ll end up spending more money near a dermatologist so instead get good make up, investment you see.!

Secret 4 !!!!
                                        And that is a  Healthy Lifestyle, include lots of natural foods [fruits, veggies, whole foods for that healthy glowing skin and oh! do not forget the Omega 3’s ! get good oils like coconut [ Ms. Kerr swears by it!] and olive oil are all good for ya!

You can also use a few DIY’s the girls swear by. 

Use coconut oil for everything: Coconut oil has shown many benefits on the skin, hair, healthy overall. The girls use coconut oil occasionally on their hair as a hair treatment. All you need is coconut oil. Apply it evenly on your hair and let it sit over night or at least an hour wash it off with a mild shampoo.
Another DIY is the use of Epsom salt to soak in, It helps detoxify the body and has many notable benefits. Just add some Epsom salt to your bath and lay in a few minutes. Be sure to moisturize right after.
So, these are the few secrets revealed if you like it comment below and let me know, more coming up for you guys, until then                                                       
Keep it Stylish!!

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