The Only THREE Make up Brushes you NEED In Your Life

The  Only THREE Make up Brushes you NEED In Your Life

We’ve all been there .. done that. The confusion of owning makeup brushes, Which one to buy? Which to keep? Which one should you have in your travel bag and Which brush to skip!?!! Aaah!!! The confusion is never ending. Let us help you pick just THREE makeup brushes to multi task all your needs. 

You don’t need to buy a zillion brushes to do your makeup. All you need to do is invest in these three must have brushes and you’ll be good to go!

1) An Angled Brush. This brush will serve your purpose of precision! For applying Gel/ Liquid liner, Grooming/ Shaping Brows with pomade/ powder, For perfecting your pout [Lining/ Drawing].

2) A flat brush.  This buddy is perfect for building coverage i.e the powders and creams. Use this one for foundation/ Concealer/ Highlighter. 

3) A soft dome-shaped brush. This fluffy brush should be mid-sized to fit the eyes. Use this to blend, sweep and buff  away cream or powder blush and bronzer. This will also serve the purpose of blending eye shadow and sweeping it  across the eyelids.

You could add on a few others like Fan brush, Buffing brush and so on… But these three will serve all your needs and make sure you are good to go!

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  1. Hey Manpreet,

    You seem to have solved my biggies confusion about brushes. I need to get the angled one now and I will
    be sorted . Also what about the blush application brush? Can we use any of the ones mentioned above?

    1. Hi Prerna, Yes You can use the flat brush. I have the one that’s a bit dense so it works great for blending in powder. I love buffer brushes and The Blender the most! 😀

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