Shave Your Face Right LADIES!

Shave Your Face Right LADIES

Yep you heard it right! Shaving your face has more benefits than just removing the baby hair on your face. Keep reading to find out

Shaving has been a manly thing since forever right? Wrong. Women have been shaving their faces for a long time now. The iconic Marilyn Monroe, Taylor etc have been shaving their faces aka the secret behind their flawless skin. Now, You may ask why is this trend not so popular? Well, that is because of a lot of myths attached to it.  There are alot of misconceptions attached with shaving itself; Let alone shaving your face!

The most common myths include: 

The return of double the amount you just shaved – No, That is not the case. Shaving does not “double” your hair growth. Have you seen Marilyn with a beard? Exactly. I haven’t either.

The other most asked question is: Will my hair grow back coarse, dark etc? Nope, it’s an illusion. Because when you shave, the tip of the hair becomes blunt. That is the reason for it to look the way it does.

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  On to Face shaving: Now, you don’t want to jump on your man’s or dad’s razor and go ahead and shave. Don’t do that.

You need to know the basics to go ahead and shave the man – stache on your upper lip or the bear hair beard on the sides on your face. 

When ever you choose to shave a few points are quite critical. If put in a nutshell for the lazy bees [I know most of us are]. Hygiene is the key word. Don’t use the same razor that you use on your legs or butt. Just don’t. 

The recommended razor for face is usually the humble eyebrow razor. But women have not shied away from using a usual razor BUT keep in mind that you don’t use the same on your legs, butt and other stuff. Keep it face exclusive. After and Before use make sure you are using rubbing alcohol to wipe away most bacteria. And then gently using downward motion begin to remove the hair. Be patient and don’t rush the process.

Now, It is also important to know that shaving doesn’t suit everyone, There are a number of ingrown hair cases, It does irritate the skin if the razor is pressed quite hard. If proper hygiene is not taken care of cases of infection have also been reported. [yep, that’s why hygiene is the most important thing we mentioned]

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