My Goals/Resolutions 2014!

Heyyyllllooooooo my bxeautiful people!! How are you all doin’?? I am doing great!! I know its NOT the 1st Jan or the New year’s eve… But hey! Better late than never .. right??
So here I am presenting to you my resolutions  rather goals for this year 2014!!

Post at least 5 days: Yes! I’ll be staying in touch with you guys often! and will keep you updated with many more interesting posts !! 

Be more Patient:  I am impatient in quiet a few things… hasty is my middle name baby, which I am going to change for good. because all the hastiness only brings stress >.<
Stand up for myself: I usually don’t tell people anything when they pick on me, NOT cuz I am weak, but I just don’t know what to say or respond to the negativity thrown at me, so I just laugh along and …. Hate it!! I’ll start to practice to not let people bully me or bring me down!
To let go, be care free  of things, relations which only pull me down or bring me pain. 
And Eat for better health: I’m NOT dieting please! I’ve decided to make better choices and eat for health. I am “mostly” at peace with my body, but yea I do want to tone up. shape and look better. NOT at the expense of my health though! 
So these are a few goals I have for this year.  I’ll try my best to accomplish them!  And every failure will be a stepping stone to success! 
What are your goals/resolutions for 2014?
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Love you all much!
Keep it Stylish!

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