My Current Skin care! [Winter Edition]

Helloooo my beautiful people! I finally have put together my current skin care routine, which I have been following to beat the winter blues! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions, I’d love to help!
These are all the products I’ve been using this season
For my face wash I’ve been using my vivel 3 in 1 face wash +scrub: This is a good cleanser, although its a lil harsh for winters I’d say. But it leaves my skin squeaky clean, yet not dry [I have normal skin, tends to be dry at times]

Now, these are the two creams I’ve been using for the dry winter times! I’ve gotten the Votre massage cream recently so trying it out for you guys! [a review will be up soon!] and the Vivel Winter Nourish Cream, I use this as a day cream it is  also quiet thick, not very sure if this is a good choice for those with oily skin, works good for dry and normal skin, also it has  spf15!

I am not a huge toner user, BUT I’ve recently started to use one! it is this votre pore shrink toner, I’m still in the process to seeing results, will do a review on this one soon! xoxox

Now this I use when my feet act fancy[I mean dry 😐 ] I use the Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream This is good for temporary results, which are quiet good!

Okay, frankly I am a lil lazy when it comes to body moisturizing 😐 :  [Please tell me I’m not the only one :O ]
So, I am tryin…….g to remember my lotion, and when I do I use the Nivea whitening cell repair and Uv protect, although soon I’ll either be getting the moisturizing ones or the vaseline oil which I’ve been seeing around.

Now as for Exfoliation I’ve been using my DIY Exfoliating scrub and DIY honey winter mask
The recipes for these are up next! so stay Tuned for more.
I hope this was not boring, I tend to use Organic skin care products, do let me know if you’d like to see my Chemical free skin care routine! ^_^

What is your favorite skin care product? 
And…..What’s your routine? 
Do comment, share, Subscribe. 

                                                             Keep it Stylish!

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