Make Your Own Make up

What if we told you you could create your very own makeup? Yep. We just did. Make up doesn’t always has to be expensive and given the limited choices in India. I’d rather make multiple uses of the make up I already have in hand. Who wanna spend money on more makeup anyway? [rolls eyes] We promise this won’t be hard it’s super easy and works like a charm. Hint: Do you have an have an old Compact in hand? Read ahead why you need one..
Things you’ll Need: 
  • Any old compact powder
  • Oil Free Moisturizer.
  • Container.


Crush your old/broken compact make sure there are no solid pieces left and then Mix in your Moisturizer Mix well. So, there are no clumps left behind. Now, For the foundation & the extra coverage add in a little bit of your favorite concealer. This will help give the extra coverage that a foundation is suppose to give.

To make the BB cream simply thin out the product by adding in a little more of the oil free moisturizer. If you want the added sun protection you could also use a moisturizer with spf in it. The oil free formula helps ensure that the product doesn’t move around once applied. In my experience it is less sweaty as well. For when I use a thick moisturizer the product fades away and is a little patchy on application as well. So, I would recommend an oil free formula. I’ve worn the bb cream often and honestly is works better than the ones in the market.

                                                                                                                          If in case you have a foundation in hand, simply add the moisturizer to the amount of BB cream you want to make. I recommend making the BB cream as you need it. It doesn’t take much time and works as a charm.

Woila! You have yourself a BB cream & A foundation!

– Use an oil free moisturizer if you have oily skin & for the summers.
-Add in a drop of your favorite essential oil if you have dry skin.

DIY Eye Primer: Eye primer is essential when doing eye makeup. It makes the makeup last longer, Helps it from moving around or fading. It makes the color pop out better. Sadly, there are not many options of eye primer  in India and can seem expensive too. Here’s a super simple DIY to make your very own eye primer.

You’ll need:
Oil free moisturizer
Aloe vera gel
Take the concealer and Mix it with the moisturizer really well. Add the aloe vera gel and store it in a container. Keep in mind when ever you apply this DIY eye primer on your eyes, Let it dry before you begin do your eye make up.
                                                            Keep it Stylish!

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