THIS is why your hair lacks volume and is flat

THIS is why your hair lacks volume and is flat

We all know the struggle is real, when it comes to maintaining the volume of our mane. Especially those of us with thin hair. #struggleisreal. There are various reasons that cause hair to fall flat and lifeless. Majorly being time. In the mornings it might look like that of Marilyn’s iconic hair; but by the noon its nothing less than a mess. Ouch! 

Even the best of the voluminous and root lifting products fail to keep the volume intact. So, where are we going wrong? Well.. It all comes down to the basics. Sam Lavella; a global stylist has some wisdom to impart –  Take Notes People.

According to Lavella, It all comes down to using the right tools! You heard it right. Most of us barely pay any attention to the kind of tools we use. But she stresses that using the right tools makes a world of a difference to our hair. Especially for thin hair using the right tool is everything. You cannot outdo a bad tool she says.

The best brush thin hair beauties can use is a small round hair brush instead of the large round ones. The smaller brushes help give a voluminous look and sustain it as well. She recommends using a brush which is under two inches in diameter. 

To achieve the best results, Wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to use the one which has less chemicals, especially sulfate or even better use a natural shampoo. After this apply a conditioner and leave it in for however long it is suggested. Then Air dry your hair, until damp. Taking a small round brush blow dry it. To make the curl/ volume last, Use the blow dry as usual and in the end blast it with cold setting to lock the volume.

Make sure you don’t use too much of leave in products or heavy oil based based leave in products since they weigh the hair strands down. Use products which have a  light weight formula or the ones which are water based.


  • To lessen the damage use the cold setting on the blow dry. 
  • You could also use rollers at night or DIY your own curlers! 
  • Do not use too many heat tools on your hair.
  • Donot apply conditioner on your scalp, Just onto the ends.
  • Try to use natural ingredients to lessen the chemical damage. 
  • Make sure to use cold water rinse to seal in the goodness and make your hair healthier.

Now, that you know how to make the best of your hair and get the voluminous look. Take on the world, One day at a time. 


Keep it Stylish!

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