Hair Care Routine The FRENCH WAY

Hair Care Routine The FRENCH WAY

When looking up for some trendy inspiration or delicate details – French is the way to go. French designers, Models, Actors, Places [Paris duh] has been an inspiration, Dream for many. There’s more to the french legacy; than good hair and great guys [we’ll come to that later] For this post we’ll show you How to: Hair Care – The French Way.


Low Maintenance Hair color: Choose a hair color that is low maintenance and doesn’t require regular touch ups. A hair color that looks natural and compliments your skin tone and eyes is the way to go. Ditch the bleach and embrace the natural shades for  happy healthy hair.

Natural is the Way: Embrace your natural hair. Be it wavy, Straight, Curly or just confused. Skip the chemical treatments and Bid good bye to the straighteners and curlers. The french way is to rock the natural and ditch the artificial. 

Zip Zap them away: Don’t fret a hair cut. Get rid of the rough ends that are blocking your way to glory. Most of the times women don’t get rid of the split ends to keep the length; The french choose quality over quantity. Any style would look picture perfect on healthy hair. 

Tip: No we don’t recommend going bald or something. Get regular trims, when needed. 

Show some love: Treat your hair with love. Use products that are less in chemicals and don’t over wash your hair. Follow with a good conditioner right after you shampoo. To lock in the moisture. Also don’t blow dry, Let your hair air dry naturally.

Tip: For beautiful waves, Tie your hair in a bun while its still damp [ Note: Not wet, just damp] and let it sit until its dry. When you let it loose you’ll have some amazing wavy hair.

Leave some : Most importantly, Don’t forget to add some life back to hair right after you get out of shower while your hair is still damp. Take a few drops of your favorite leave in conditioner or oil and apply it just to the tips of your hair. This will make your hair shiny and also add moisture. Hair that lacks moisture is prone to damage.


Work the weekend, Save the Day: During the weekend treat your hair to deep conditioners. Over night treatments. So, it can repair and be its best during the weekdays. You could also use a natural home made mask for the weekend

Recipe: Coconut Oil. Yep. 

Just the good old coconut oil. Apply this evenly on your hair and let it stay in overnight. Next morning wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Do the remaining steps and you’re good to go!  I hope this post inspires you to create your own hair care routine! 


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