GUIDE To Perfect Eyebrows

GUIDE To Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame the face and are the most essential looking feature; Yet the most neglected. Alot of people are confused or horrified when it comes to grooming the eyebrow mane. Here’s a simpler guide which will show you how to groom them right, That includes the tools you need. And the next step choosing the right products to fill or shape them right!

Groom Them Right: With so many options at disposal one can choose according to what suits best as an individual. The available methods include:

  • Tweezing
  • Threading
  • Razor
  • Laser

The cheapest and easily available options being Tweezing, Threading, Razor. Preferably one can use the no fail method of tweezing.  Easy and Quick. Threading depends on the pain tolerance and is more of a trust game. Be sure you trust the salon completely before you walk in; For you don’t want your eyebrow to be the next horror story being told.

Below is the Basic Eyebrow Map to help you figure out your eyebrow game. Just take a scale or the back of your brush and mark these points and then clean out the excess hair.

Note: Be patient if you are doing this yourself. Ideally use a tweezer if this is your first time doing it yourself. Because using a razor can be tricky. If you have thick eyebrows and they grow quiet fast. You could go for a laser; in case you find going to  a salon or tweezing time consuming.

GUIDE To Perfect Eyebrows
GUIDE To Perfect Eyebrows

Map out the eyebrow shape that suits you best and tweeze the extras. In case you are confused about what to keep and what to tweeze. Just stick with the extra hair around the eyebrow and the uni-brow. By no means over tweeze your eyebrow, For it will take time to grow back.

Various Products to fill in and shape the eyebrows: 

Waxes and Pomades: 

1] Universal / Suitable for all kind of eyebrows.

Eyebrow Powders: 

1] For eyebrows that need a lot of filling in.

ie For eyebrows that are quite sparse.

Eyebrow Pencils:

1] Ideal for those with thick eyebrows; Who need just a bit of touch up. 

2] For Quick Fix or when in Rush.

Eyebrow Gel: 

1] Ideal for those with barely there eyebrows.

2] Those looking to change the shape of their eyebrow.

Hope this guide was helpful. Be sure to check out our recommended product list!



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