Green and Blue Smokey eyes!!

Heyyyylllooo my beautiful people!! Today I present you The Dream On Trend 2014 
For this look I’ve used a Sage green [ bright green would be just fine too]
On the outer corner I’ve used peacock blue.
I used tons of mascara [lord & berry mascara]
Additional: Black eyeliner[ for the added drama ;)]


I’ve Paired this up with a bright pink color lipstick 
you can also pair it up with a bright red lipstick
If you don’t feel that the daring woman in you, go for the nude.. It’ll balance out the look..
I hope you enjoyed the look, feel free to leave any suggestions! 
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Keep it Stylish! 

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  1. You look fantastic! Those colors are perfect for you. I wish I was a little more adventurous with my makeup. We will see, I might give it a try!


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