FOTD: What I’ve been up to.

Heyyaa Beautiful people!! How are you all doing?? As most of you know I am home, for summers. I have been feeling a lil low, Thanks to my OCD like traits I want things to be perfect soon! I am not trying to achieve perfection yet striving for it is inevitable! 
That’s the one thing that keeps me motivated in any area of my life. But right now what has been bothering me is.. I am a utter failure at waking up early 🙁 I want to start my day soon, but I have been a negative at it. 
I don;t want to crib here, but I need to set a schedule and follow it. Any Tips?? for waking up early, please drop them!

Now Jumping to the Questions!!

Have you watched any movies lately??

Yes, I watched frozen all over again! I heart it!!

What have you been loving this week?

I have been eating plain yogurt crazily! I am not even kidding, I am looooooving it 😛

Plans for the weekend???

I have no plans for this weekend, I might be travelling 🙁 which kinda sucks in this heat!! 😐

Your favorite song at the moment.?

I have been listening crazily to [bollywood] – Jiya from gunday
and [Pop] Lorde- Royals.

What is your favorite beauty product this week?

I have been LOVING  milani corallina, it is a very pretty shade and I love coral so that’s a bonus!

PS: Guys Please check out the guest post I did for Wiseshe. Its an amazing blog, which is owned by Anamika.. you’ll love it! ^_^

Links to Wiseshe and their blogs:

What have you been upto this week???
What are your weekend plans?

I tag you all to answer these question!

Keep it Stylish!

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