Everything you NEED to know about Aromatherapy by Rupal Tyagi

Everything you NEED to know about Aromatherapy by Rupal Tyagi

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, is the founder of Wikka and is a qualified Aromatherapist from London. The idea behind wikka is to recreate a world of purer times, where royal beauty recipes were based on completely natural ingredients. She’s passionate and driven.. Keep reading ahead to find out more about Aromatherapy , her beauty secrets and  Must haves! 


How can a person benefit from Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is an age old healing art which heals a person holistically with no side effects.

Can aromatherapy help with marks or pigmentation on face/ body?
Pigmentation occurs due to factors like hormonal imbalance , toxin build up in the body , over exposure to the sun. These factors can very effectively be handled with essential oils as essential oils have hormone balancing property, anti-inflammatory property and detoxifying property. Other than this essential oils are very good cell re-generators hence they can give healthier and more beautiful skin if used regularly.

How long does it take to see the results?
It depends on what effects we are trying to achieve. The moisturizing effects as well as the skin soothing effects can be seen almost immediately , while the hormonal balancing can be seen in about 2 to 3 weeks but reduction of blemishes could take about 3 to 6 weeks with regular use. Moreover it also depends on each person’s constitution too.

Any side effects?
If you are not allergic to a particular oil , aromatherapy has no side effects . It is one of the most gentle, luxurious and fragrant way to healing. One can experience antiageing effects of Aromatherapy while achieving any kind of healing and that is the most common positive side effect.

Does diet play any role in healthy skin?
Diet absolutely plays a very important role in healthy skin. The skin health depends a lot on its acid mantle that is its pH levels which should be well balanced . This can get disturbed very easily if we are on food that is laden with a lot of preservatives and chemicals .

Acne has become a very common problem, Any remedies, Tips, Products you would like to recommend?
Acne has become a very common problem and the changing lifestyle of the people in the metros have taken a toll on their skin as well. Less sleep, lack of any physical activity, stress, pollution, fast food habits, lot of aerated drink consumption are the major contributors to this problem.
Improving your lifestyle habits can do a lot of good to your skin.
Regularly splashing your face with a Cider Vinegar blend could be the first step toward healing acne problem. Also Cider Vinegar blended in water can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach can help detoxify and balance your system well.
Product like Wikka Beauty Potion, Basil exfoliating scrub and our soap free Natural Face Cleanser if used regularly can be of great benefit.

What kind of diet/ foods would you highly recommend?
Fresh fruits and vegetables , lots of green tea and sipping water all day long would be ideal to maintain a good skin. Other than this if one has a skin concern , one should try to heal it through nutraceuticals rather than medicines and antibiotics.

What foods should one give up ?
Very oily or fried foods is bad for cholesterol as well as for the skin . Also I am a believer of eating home grown and seasonal fruits and vegetables that is , which is grown in your area and not imported or preserved or stored in cold storages. Frozen , preserved and processed foods should also be avoided as they contain a lot of chemicals which act as toxins to our system and are really harmful.

You have flawless skin yourself… What does your diet look like on a given day?
Well , I start my day with a big mug of green tea, have just one kind of fruit for breakfast , my lunch consists of fish and lots of green vegetables or egg with vegetables. Evenings again would be green tea and some home made snacks and dinner is mostly rice with vegetables .

Do you vouch by any specific workouts/fitness secrets?
I need to get much fitter though but my favourite workout routine is Pilates and power yoga which I manage to do atleast thrice a week when I’m not travelling. Power yoga gives you a good rush of blood in the system which helps to detoxify really well other than its numerous other benefits while Pilates is a very good core strengthening regime and helps in a mind and body balance.

What are your top most favorite and effective home remedies?
1) Bathing with a mix of curd honey turmeric and ground masoor dal instead of soap.
2) Applying black tea to protect against tanning.
3) Applying grated cucumber to remove tan.
4) Applying honey and avocado pulp for effective exfoliation.
5) Using a mix of ground sugar and fresh cream for pedicure and manicure.

Do your recommend supplements for healthy hair and skin. If yes, which ones?
A healthy balance of vitamin B complex , vitamin C , vitamin A and vitamin E is always wonderful. Infact I recommend a regular use of Evening primrose oil capsules for a beautiful skin hair and nails.

How can aromatherapy help with hair growth?
As I have always said aromatherapy is a holistic healing therapy , it helps in regenerating the scalp tissues in a healthier way , improves circulation of the scalp and thus promotes healthy hair growth .

Which hair care products would you absolutely recommend?Wikka hair nourishing potion is a wonderful product which takes care of most of the hair related issued effectively. Formulated with vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A, Almond oil takes care of your curls and helps you to grow strong, healthy hair strands. Rosemary stimulates dense hair growth while keeping the scalp healthy. Wheat germ oil along with Tea tree and Lavender reduce breakage and hair fall. This stimulating, refreshing and calming potion is sure to nourish your deep rooted beliefs!
What does your skin and hair care routine look like?
Washing my face atleast 3 to 4 times a day with water , use of aloevera based moisturiser, and a physical sunscreen with spf 30 are a must for me . Other than this drinking a lot of water for skin hydration , oiling my hair twice a week or before every hairwash is a must for me .

Is aromatherapy Expensive?
It depends on what is expensive. Aromatherapy is an investment that you do in your skin. Today we tend to buy a whole lot of designer wear that we don’t even repeat a number of times, but our skin is with us till the end .

How many sessions are required to complete the treatment?
Aromatherapy should be a lifestyle and not be considered just a treatment. You get the benefit of healing with no side effects and your daily wear and tear of the system gets healed in the most natural , fragrant and luxurious way . The whole idea of having the entire range on the shelf is coz these are not medicines but nature , and who does not want to be surrounded by nature all the time !

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