Easy Home Remedies to Remove Tan Quickly!

Easy Home Remedies to Remove Tan Quickly!

Tan, The three letter word which isn’t a favorite of everyone. Some people intentionally get tanned, While others dread to step out in the sun in order to prevent tan. Tanned skin has forever been  a “thing” of the west. Hence the Salons, Tanning Beds, Sprays etc. While in Middle Eastern countries people avoid getting tanned or at the least try to get rid of tan. To each it’s own. The process of tan removal using chemical laden skin is not good for the skin in the long run. Considering that skin is the largest organ. We should treat it with care and be very cautious of the kind of chemicals we use. You won’t rub chemicals on your liver or kidney right? Like you can’t either ways but..

So, Now you may ask how can one get rid of tan? Well, Natural remedies are your safest bet when it comes to treating your skin. They have no side effects [unless you are allergic to any ingredient], Highly customizable . Very cheap. Most of the times readily available ingredients and you also get to play around with the ingredients ie you can mix and match the content.

Milk and Saffron : Milk is quite popularly used for skin care. It contains Lactic acid, which is known to have bleaching properties without being harsh on the skin. It soothes the skin and helps fade away dark spots, uneven skin tone as well. Saffron is very widely used in Ayurveda. it is known to be a boon for health overall. It helps in brightening and whitening the skin. On to the preparation

You’ll Need:

2-3 tbsp of milk

1-2 strands of saffron[kesar]

Preparation: Take the milk and very slightly warm it, Add the strands to the milk. Make sure you start with a clean face. Apply the pack all over, To ease the application you can also use cotton ball to apply the pack on your face because of  its think consistence.  Let it sit for 10-15 mins after which wash it off with luke warm water and pat dry.  

Tomato and Cucumber: This pack is very affordable and easy to make. Tomato is excellent for skin because of its anti aging properties and lycopene. Cucumber is known for it’s soothing properties and it’s hydration properties. The pack together is a winner combo and is perfect for summers or when ever the temperature goes up! 

You’ll need :

  • Tomato one pc
  • cucumber half grated
  • gram flour 
  • 1 tsp lemon 
  • if you have dry skin then you can add a tsp of honey.

Preparation: Grated or puree the tomato and cucumber. Mix them well adding the lemon and honey. Add this mixture to besan[gram flour]. Apply the mixture on a clean face. Let it sit for 15-20 mins and rinse with luke warm water. Pat dry and apply rose water. 

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