Easy Hair Care For Lazy People

Easy Hair Care For Lazy People
Damaged Hair – Help is on the Way!

Heyyylllllllloooooooo…!! Beautiful people 🙂

So we all know how our hair can make us look glamorous  or it can turn into our biggest nightmare.. yes, we’ve all been there. >.< Sighh!! so, today I am going to share my most favorite tips and tricks to make your hair look its best! These tips are perfect for those on the go and for the ones who are to lazy to get through the jazz of hair care.

Beginning with the basics for the hair to look great on the outside it needs to be healthy on the inside so  the important things that effect your hair are.

1] Diet
2] You Booozeeee often. [beer is great for hair treatment but it doesnt nourish it on the inside! ]
3] Lack of sleep or hydration..
4] climate changes.
5] shampoo or not enough conditioning.

6] You wash your hair with warm/ too hot water.

Conditioning is very important for your hair. It helps hydrate the hair and keeps it nourished. Most often people forget to condition their hair. Worse they ignore the importance of using the right products for their hair type.

Take care of you hair  regularly, because girl! you cant expect your hair to look sexy by oiling it once a year .
here are a few of my personal favorite home remedies.!

Curd: Apply Curd on your hair  at least once a week, it makes hair soft and shiny. All natural and Cheap!! Trust me try it!!

Coconut oil :   Coconut oil is a miracle oil. literally! it works wonders for those dry locks and is hydrating for hair.  super easy available and smells Awesome. [ is it crazy that i love to apply things that smell great? Lol].

Steam : steam is good for hair because it opens up the shaft or something [ dont judge me 😀 ].

Natural home remedy using curry leaves, lemon peel, soapnut, fenugreek seeds and hibiscus powder:

1. take 15-20 curry leaves
2. add 1 lemon peel
3. add 3 tbspfenugreek seeds
5 add 2tbsp green gram
6.grind it and store in a glass bottle
7. Use it as a shampoo
All natural and chemical free!!

So, I hope these remedies will be helpful in addition to these
  • cover your hair in the sun to avoid damage and if you must let them loose, do use a hair serum and use the above treatments at least once a week!!
  • Dont wash hair with hot water.
  • avoid using chemical laden shampoos.
And try a cold rinse for that glittery shine 😀  [Not literally glittery :P]
Let me know if you want a part 2 !! there are loads of other remedies super easy  and they work wonders.

These are remedies that i use and are my opinion 


xo xo xo

       Keep it stylish! 

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