Demeter Gin & Tonic Review

Hey Dolls! I reviewed the Demeter Moonbeam , here I am again with another scent i.e Demeter Gin & Tonic review, This one is a Drew Barrymore favorite!

Demeter Gin & Tonic Review
Demeter Gin & Tonic Review

Product Description: 

The cocktail. End of the day slight intoxication: strong, sweet with a sweet-deep juniper finish and citrus twist. A light, crisp fragrance that is right just about any time and anywhere. Our Gin & Tonic is essential refreshment from heat, tropical or otherwise.

Demeter Gin & Tonic Review
Demeter Gin & Tonic Review


Simple. Subtle. Singular scents. Each day. Everywhere.

Natural Ingredients:

While it is impossible to make the broad range of fragrances that we make without using some synthetic ingredients, we strive to make Demeter as natural as possible:

  •  95% of our ingredients are derived from natural or renewable resources
  •  No artificial colors. Any color in a Demeter scent is a natural product of the ingredients used to make the scent. This is why most Demeter scents are clear
  •  No binders or emulsifiers
  •  No Phthalates
  •  Alcohol naturally fermented from corn.

Price:  2950/ 120 ml. Available at Snapdeal 

My Experience: 

The perfume comes in a typical demeter packaging, it is sturdy and travel friendly. The frangance reminds me of a fun cocktail party, where people are chilling around. It’s fun and tangy. It is subtle so it won’t give you any headache , It lasts for upto 4-5 hours. This is ideal for day and night wear. It’s one of those scents you can’t sniff just once, you’ll need to have another sniff.. then another… and you just end up buying it! I really enjoy  wearing this one.!


  • Sturdy Packaging.
  • Travel Friendly.
  • Available online.
  • Fun and Tangy scent.
  • Day & night wear.


  • Lasts only upto 5 hrs.

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: If you are looking for a fun and tangy scent to liven up you spirits, which can be worn both day and night you should check out Demeter gin & tonic. It is sure to get you spinning, its a drew barrymore approved!


Keep it Stylish!

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