December My Envy box 2015, Price, Products

December My Envy box 2015, Price, Products 

Heylloo wonderful people ! How are you all? I am so excited for Christmas this year..!!! I have a cousin visiting us after ten long years!!! [Too many exclamations aka too much excitement ;)] But even before I get to see him.. I had My Envy Box delivered – Excitement Overloaded . Let me take you guys through what all I received this month.

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December My Envy box 2015
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December My Envy box 2015
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December My Envy box 2015

Price: Rs. 850

Products Received: 

  • Catrice Jet Lash Speed Volume Mascara Rs. 660 
  • Catrice Nail Polish: 710 Dulce & Havanna Rs 445 for 10ml 
  • Bioderma Photoderm Fluid 30+
  •  Ananda Facial Moisturiser
  •  O3+ Whitening Mask.

This Month My Envy Box, Made Christmas extra special by adding in TWO full size products from Catrice. I love full size products in subscription boxes and coming from My Envy Box it added to the thrill. The two full sized products I received from Catrice included Catrice Jet Lash Speed Volume Mascara and Catrice Nail Polish in 710 Dulce & Havanna. But alas! My excitement didn’t last for too long. The mascara looked really promising but sadly was completely dried. It had no product left in for usage and the seal was off too. Pretty upsetting, especially after others have received the same expired/ useless product.

 The Nail Paint 710 Dulce & Havanna, is a brown nail paint. Something not everyone would prefer. But I really like it’s brush, drying time and staying power. This nail paint is a win from Catrice. The other products included Bioderma Photoderm Fluid 30+ ,Ananda Facial Moisturiser,  O3+ Whitening Mask. I haven’t tried any of these brands yet. Hence I am quite excited to try them out. Since Bioderma and O3+ are pretty hyped about. 

Overall: I think the concept of this month’s box was amazing with two full sized products! But the mascara being completely useless was quite upsetting. 




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