Winter Hair Care

Heyy beautiful people! Worried about your hair this winter? Dry? Static? Damaged hair? Then this post is for you!! Read on to find simple and easy winter hair care you can use to save your hair..

Winter Hair Care
Winter Hair Care

Deep Condition: Winter calls for a lil extra care when it comes to your body. Think your hair is safe when the months get cold? Think again.. The cold dry air is very hard on your tresses aka damaging . Take that extra step and deep condition your hair. Use a hydrating mask on your hair and keep it for 10-15 mins and wash off. You’ll need to do this  minimum once a week. 

Recommendations: L’oreal hair mask, Dove Repair Therapy.

Home made – Coconut Oil [Depending on your Hair Length]+ Honey [2 Tbsp] = Awesomeness! 😀 

Winter Hair Care for Static Hair
Winter Hair Care for Static Hair

Static Hair: This is a very common problem during winters. There are various reasons for static hair but the most common reason is when the scalp is dried out or is producing very lil oil it results in static hair. To combat this use vit – E oil / Almond oil and apply through your hair in the night. You can also use a hair brush with natural bristles. 

Winter Hair Care Tips
Winter Hair Care Tips


Less is more: One good rule to be followed in general is to not over wash your hair. But in winter this could become a boon for your hair. Avoid washing your hair everyday. Skip shampooing your hair everyday and wash it twice – thrice a week. Follow with a good conditioner and let it dry naturally or use blow dry on cool setting.   

Winter Hair Care for dry hair
Winter Hair Care for dry hair

Silk it up: Use a silk cloth beneath your beanies and hats to avoid damaging your hair. You could also switch up your cotton pillow covers and use a silk cover instead. It’ll cause less friction and less damage …. Hence less breakage and split ends!

Hope these tips help! You can drop in your  queries! 


Keep it Stylish!

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My Top Favorite Perfumes this Season-Winter edition!

Heyyyyllllloooo my beautiful people..! If you know anything about me, The first thing you’ll notice is I am a perfume fanatic…. I love LOVE perfumes. I think a perfume is more of an accessory and is underrated at times. The most important thing I never forget while going out is a perfume.

This winter I’ve been wearing alot of these 3 perfumes:

PS I Love You – B&B.
Miracle by Lancome
Madagascan vanilla flower by The body shop
 I’ve been attracted aloooot more to  vanilla fragrance. & flowery scents. though vanilla wins anytime.

Which scents have you been loving??

Do comment, share & subscribe.

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My Current Skin care! [Winter Edition]

Helloooo my beautiful people! I finally have put together my current skin care routine, which I have been following to beat the winter blues! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions, I’d love to help!
These are all the products I’ve been using this season
For my face wash I’ve been using my vivel 3 in 1 face wash +scrub: This is a good cleanser, although its a lil harsh for winters I’d say. But it leaves my skin squeaky clean, yet not dry [I have normal skin, tends to be dry at times]

Now, these are the two creams I’ve been using for the dry winter times! I’ve gotten the Votre massage cream recently so trying it out for you guys! [a review will be up soon!] and the Vivel Winter Nourish Cream, I use this as a day cream it is  also quiet thick, not very sure if this is a good choice for those with oily skin, works good for dry and normal skin, also it has  spf15!

I am not a huge toner user, BUT I’ve recently started to use one! it is this votre pore shrink toner, I’m still in the process to seeing results, will do a review on this one soon! xoxox

Now this I use when my feet act fancy[I mean dry 😐 ] I use the Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream This is good for temporary results, which are quiet good!

Okay, frankly I am a lil lazy when it comes to body moisturizing 😐 :  [Please tell me I’m not the only one :O ]
So, I am tryin…….g to remember my lotion, and when I do I use the Nivea whitening cell repair and Uv protect, although soon I’ll either be getting the moisturizing ones or the vaseline oil which I’ve been seeing around.

Now as for Exfoliation I’ve been using my DIY Exfoliating scrub and DIY honey winter mask
The recipes for these are up next! so stay Tuned for more.
I hope this was not boring, I tend to use Organic skin care products, do let me know if you’d like to see my Chemical free skin care routine! ^_^

What is your favorite skin care product? 
And…..What’s your routine? 
Do comment, share, Subscribe. 

                                                             Keep it Stylish!

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How to recover from Cold!

Hello my beautiful people! 
                                       How are you all doing? I am  AWESOME. Finally through with all my exams. I almost died, God know how I survived my exams. I am thank fully alive!! But when I was taking tests I suffered from a bad bad cold Booger man all around!  [Sneezes]  which inspired me to make this post, I hope this helps anyone who isn’t suffering and obviously the ones sick .. Happy recovery! <3 
Use a cloth to wipe: This is very Eco-friendly and it is much comfortable, it will neatly clean all the mucus off your nose! yay! 
Do not use any beauty product or skin products without washing your hands:  SWEAR by this! Com’n place on hand on my holy blog and swear that you are NOT going to use any thing on your skin without cleaning your hands. 
Wash hands often follow with a good hand cream:  Since you’ll be cleaning mucus, Touching taps, your handkerchief  etc etc Make it a point to clean your hands with a soap properly, and sanitize them every now and then. BUT since we Don’t want any dry and rough skin, please use a good moisturizer! 
Have green tea/white/ hot chocolate/red: Have warm fluids, you can choose from the given options, I enjoyed my jasmine tea so much during my cold. It is just so relaxing. 
Teas and Drinks to RESCUE! 

Ayurvedic tea for mucus/cold/allergy:  I love having teas! You can make your self a tasty ayurvedic tea for cold! its quick and easy. 
Cardamom. Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger:  Honey [just before drinking]
                                                     Take 200ml of water and add all the spices, boil it well until half of the water is left, pour it into a tea cup let it cool a bit, since it will be too hot initially. When you are about to drink it [should be warm] add honey. Enjoy and relax! 
Turmeric and milk mixed in with cardamom for flavor. Drink drink! This is a very effective remedy for cold.    
1/2 Tsp of turmeric/ haldi.
200 ml milk.
and 1/4 Tsp of cardamom or as you please.
                                Mix all of this up and drink! its tasty and relaxing too! make sure its warm though.

  • Do not blow your nose with   a lot of pressure
  • Don’t pull hard on you nose be gentle.
  • Moisturize your nose as well because it’ll get pretty dry around the nose.
I hope you enjoyed my Tips. 
Do let me know of any Tips that have worked for you! 
Until then,
Happy recovery  
                                                                          Keep it Stylish!

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Pamper you skin this winter! DIY Organic Winter Moisturizing and Radiating Mask!

Hello beautiful people,

While many of us love the Christmas, snow, ice skating, boots, uggs, sweater… oh my and the hot chocolate! 😀 Don’t we all just HATE Dull, dry, Itchy, Flaky….Lifeless skin! and lets not talk about the expensive moisture treatments and masks, with temporary results 🙁 . Today I’m going to share with you guys the BEST! ORGANIC ……………… D.I.Y  Winter Moisture mask!! yayyy! Please Subscribe if you find this helpful or use it! Do let me know of any suggestions ^_^

For the Moisture Mask you’ll need:

1tbsp Ground Almonds.
1tbsp Sandalwood powder.
a Pinch of Turmeric
2 strands of saffron soaked in water

Now Just mix all of these Ingredients to form a paste apply it on your face and let it be for 20 mins! Tadaaa! you’ll have the best glowly, radiating, soft, supple skin ………… 🙂 Try it now! and don’t forget to tell me how it worked and let me know of any other face / body/ hair masks DIY’s you’d like to know.

Please Comment &
                                                                   Keep it Stylish!

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