How to get glowing skin

Helloo beautiful people, Today I’ll be sharing this one tip to get glowing skin, I bet this will help you get dewy and soft skin!




You’ll need:

  • Coconut water.
  • Sandal wood powder and
  • 3-4 drops of lemon juice.

Mix these well and massage them, gently and slowly don’t be harsh. after massaging for a good 2-5 mins leave it on until 10 mins and wash off with  luke warm water and then rub with ice.

Repeat every other day or everyday for a glowing and dewy face! 🙂

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Some of the benefits of the ingredients used:

Coconut water:  This is a miracle water, it is readily available and is cheap. It works miracles for health and is amazing for beauty related issues. Use this for hair/ skin/ acne/ scars. You’ll not be disappointed.

Sandal wood powder:  Naturally soothing and healing. This amazing powder will solve just any troubles you have. It’s  has cooling properties and helps fight bacteria and heal. It is anti inflammatory, Disinfectant, Astringent, Antiseptic.

What are your skin secrets?


Keep it Stylish!

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Skin Care After Diwali!!!

Skin Care After Diwali 
Hello my beautiful friends, I hope you all had a great Diwali, Stay Blessed!!
Keep reading to find out how you can pamper your skin and make it glow after the festival of lights!!
1. Moisturize and hydrate your skin.
After all the extra pollution and chemicals all around, its time to give your skin the much needed attention and love. Drink plenty of water, restrain from sugary drinks and any other drink other than Water, Coconut water, Buttermilk these are few of the healthy options you can relish from.
Avoid: Caffeine, Sugary sodas, commercial drinks
2. Exfoliate and restore!! 
Exfoliation will help clean away the damage skin cells, so indulge in you favorite scrub [ D.I.Y??] I love using my home made scrub! you can choose any. Restore using a natural face mask.
Natural Face mask: Mix in 2 tbsp yogurt, and half a banana apply on your face massage in circular motions and leave on for 20 mins, wash with warm water.
3. Beauty inside out!!
After all the crazy food festival!! its time to DETOX!
Avoid fried,Junk,Sweet foods. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Drink at least 3 liters of water.  Let me Know if you guys want a detailed post on it.  
4. Relax: 
Don’ t forget to give your self a good break and Just relax. If possible head out for a massage
and you are good to go!!
What are your tips to feeling glamorous after Diwali??
Do comment.
                                                                        Keep it Stylish!!  
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How to Prevent your Fashion Jewelry from tarnishing! [turning green/rusty!]

I am  a HUGE  jewelry collector. I love to wear all kinds of cool chains, ear rings, rings etc Just love them. But the sad part of the  story is my jewelry use to turn brown/ green 🙁 🙁 Tell me i am not alone in this . It feels soooo disappointing when you just cannot wear your favorite pair of rings just because they’ve turned brown/ green 😐  Today I am going to share MY Tips and Tricks to keep your jewelry in a good condition for a long time.

The secret weapon is ……. A clear NAIL PAINT!

All you need to do is take your fashion jewelry here i have used my rings! and apply a generous coat of the clear nail paint. let is sit and dry for a good amount of time and Voila!  done 🙂

Other option would be a craft clear spray  & Now the Tips to help keeping them in good condition!


>Girls your Jewelry is helpless against chemicals, make-up, and  water. protect them!
>Never Spray perfume/deo directly on the jewelry. Spray your product first and then wear your sparkly piece!
> Clean them regularly with a soft cloth without water and they’ll be just fine!

>Always store gold and silver wear in separate boxes when not in use.

>Hang your neck pieces on a holder/nail so they stay untangled and will last longer.

>Another tip is that wrap them in a separate cover/cotton. that’ll keep the shine on!

That’s  all for now, do let me know of any other suggestions 🙂 Until then  Bling on &

                                                              Keep it Stylish!

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