My Goals/Resolutions 2014!

Heyyyllllooooooo my bxeautiful people!! How are you all doin’?? I am doing great!! I know its NOT the 1st Jan or the New year’s eve… But hey! Better late than never .. right??
So here I am presenting to you my resolutions  rather goals for this year 2014!!

Post at least 5 days: Yes! I’ll be staying in touch with you guys often! and will keep you updated with many more interesting posts !! 

Be more Patient:  I am impatient in quiet a few things… hasty is my middle name baby, which I am going to change for good. because all the hastiness only brings stress >.<
Stand up for myself: I usually don’t tell people anything when they pick on me, NOT cuz I am weak, but I just don’t know what to say or respond to the negativity thrown at me, so I just laugh along and …. Hate it!! I’ll start to practice to not let people bully me or bring me down!
To let go, be care free  of things, relations which only pull me down or bring me pain. 
And Eat for better health: I’m NOT dieting please! I’ve decided to make better choices and eat for health. I am “mostly” at peace with my body, but yea I do want to tone up. shape and look better. NOT at the expense of my health though! 
So these are a few goals I have for this year.  I’ll try my best to accomplish them!  And every failure will be a stepping stone to success! 
What are your goals/resolutions for 2014?
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Love you all much!
Keep it Stylish!
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My December favorites 2013!

Heyyyyllloooo my cupcakes..!!!!!! I hope you guys are doing great  ^___^  How is your 2014 going so far?? Mine has been moving back to college, and is filled with excitement because ….. guess πŸ˜‰ [shh Its my birthday on the 10th Jan! πŸ˜‰ ] Heyy! you guessed it right.. its my BIRTHDAY πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰
Moving on…. These my december favorites… I’ve been using all of these products religiously.. and loving them! 
Lipstick: Chambor lipstick in Silk 
Eyes: Maybelliene Falsies mascara.
Face: Garnier BB cream
Moisturizer: Revlon Whimsical Moisturizer.
And Of-course my forever love a Perfume: Elizabeth Arden white diamonds perfume limited edition
Perfume: Elizabeth Arden white diamonds perfume limited edition

Moisturizer: Revlon Whimsical Moisturizer

Eyes: Maybelliene Falsies mascara.
Face: Garnier BB cream

Lipstick: Chambor lipstick in Silk 
Here are all the products once again…!! ^__^
What have been your favorites december 2013??? 
Huggiessssssssss !!!!! Muuuah!
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Love you all Glam dolls  
Keep it Stylish!!

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What I got for Christmas 2013 !!

Hey guys!! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I enjoyed alot, as you all know I am home for holidays [Thank you god! O_O] My mother, Brother and me went out for a cozy dinner, although my dad and sister missed it [ boo!!!] 
Here’s what  I got for Christmas, although its not a tradition in our family to give gifts on Christmas, My family was just very generous and kind enough to give me so many presents which I am deeply thankful for and I feel blessed to have such an amazing family! 
Moving on…
Here’s what I got:
Beauty Products:

I have been wantinggg a bronzer for the longest time I remember, My brother and sister also my best friends know me so well, they  gifted me a Lakme absolute bronzer in sun kissed! [whhhhhhhatttttttt? yay!] I really love the shade it is a Beauty!

To go with it they also got me the most famous Bourjois healthy mix foundation, I’ll be using it today for the first time, can’t you tell I am super excited already?!?! and also the Bourjois lipstick in sweet kiss.

My Mother was veryy kind she got me a complete skin care routine which included:

The Body shop Brazil Nut Body Butter.
The Body shop Peach scrub

She also got me the Madagascan Vanilla flower set:
The shower gel, lotion and the mist.
[I LOVE this set… review?? do let me know :]

Finally, I received these two antique silver rings from my grandma… which I absolutely ADORE! ^_^

The fuzzy red socks you see in the background were given by my friend πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I love how comfortable they feel.!

This is all I got for Christmas, what all did you get???

PS this post was a requested one, and is NOT intended to hurt or show off… I come home only once in six months so the whole pampering happens only twice a year πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› Just saying…

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God bless ya’ll

Keep it Stylish!
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Throwback Thursday: College style

Heyylooo amazing people !! I hope you all had a great Christmas and are eagerly looking forward to bond for the up coming new year. 
I had a great family bonding time, with my mother and brother, sadly my dad was working on christmas and my sister is off to another state for her job. BUT never the less I am very grateful for everything I have and all the amazing memories I made with my most bestest friends in the world [mother & my cute brother]. I ll be updating soon with my christmas night pics! πŸ˜€ 
Moving on, Today I decided to do a Throwback Thursday, This is pic is from October/ November. It was a casual college off on Saturday and I was back from my outing, Hence all random pics! But I really wanted to show my Indian wear for college. 
Pink Kurti

Close Up! πŸ˜›

I like wearing a Kurti, when I choose to wear Indian wear. Kurtis enhance and compliment every one! πŸ˜€
Whats is your College Style?  Whats your favorite?
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Love you all for the Amazing Support and Love 
Keep it Stylish! 

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Easy Make Up Tutorial for Christmas Party [My first attempt!]

Heyyylllooo my beautiful people, as I am writing this post I am cracking up. I’ve never done a make up look, This is my first attempt at it.  I hope you like it. 

Garnier BB cream. / Maybelline BB stick
lakme absolute white intense wet and dry compact 02.
Faces highlighter.
Lakme Kajal.
Maybelline Gel eyeliner Brown and gold swirl.
Maybelline Falsies Mascara.
Faces Galm on Creme Blush [Reviewed Here]
Colorbar USA – All fired up.
Firstly I applied BB cream all over my face and neck, the reason why I chose a BB cream over a foundation is that BB cream is lighter and it lets my skin breathe when out for a evening. After which I applied my Lakme absolute white intense wet and dry compact in shade 02. When I apply my compact I like to focus on my T zone and areas I tend to get oily on, which i usually don’t because I have normal skin, which has its crazy tendencies of become dry!!  
                                                     Moving on! For my eyes I used my DIY eye primer all over my eye lids. For me eye make up becomes a lil bit of a crazy task since I have hooded eye lids. Now, The twist here is since I am away from my hostel room, I didn’t carry my eye shadows along :[ Booo!  So I decided to use kajal to create the smoky eyes. Its very easy to create,  apply the primer all over your lid then spread the kajal all over you eye lid, smudge it with a smudge brush. Now apply the golden gel liner from maybelline on the inner corners. Curl your lashes and apply the maybelline falsies mascara.
                                    Apply the creme blush on to your cheeks [ beginners tip: Make a fish face! ^_~ ] Apply Highlighter above the blush, right below your eye lids, or your brow bone and nose, Just make sure you do not pack on a lot of it. Finish off with your lipstick, here I’ve used all fired up!  
I hope you enjoyed the look!!! Do try it, Let me know of any suggestions/ Tips you might have ^_^

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Whats your favorite makeup look?
Do you prefer subtle makeup or bold makeup??

Keep it Stylish!
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