Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo Review.

Heyylllooo my beautiful people, how are you all doing???  I’m doing fine, this moody climate is sort of making me feel jiggly.


Product Description:

Price: 187 rs/ 250 ml.

My Experience: 

 I’ve been using this for quiet sometime, and I really like it. It doesn’t cause hair fall, Tamed my frizzy hair. I like the way it leaves hair clean.  This can sometimes cause hair to look limpy, especially thin hair.
It left my hair soft. For very dry hair, a conditioner would be required. Very less quantity is required.

I take a pea-size amount and dilute it with water to use. Though I haven’t seen any conditioner in this brand as of now.

Tames Frizz.
Makes hair shiny and soft.
Doesn’t dry the hair out.
Lathers well.
Not tested on animals.

Can make thin hair limpy.
Needs to be followed up with a conditioner for very dry hair.

Rating: 3.5/5

I’d say go for it! Its a decent shampoo, works well with normal/dry hair although very dry hair would need to follow up with a conditioner. Thin hair people need to be careful with the amount used.

What’s your current favorite shampoo??
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Review: Ponds Lip ice Lip balm!

Heyyyylloooo my beautiful people!! How are you all doing?? A few days back I was waiting for a friend near metro station who decided to be incredibly late. So, I decided to get my self a bottle of water since my anger was literally heating me up! Now, you’ve predicted the reason behind the explanation I ended up buying this lipbalm 😀 
Please tell me I am not the only one who gets convinced into buying lipbalms 😛

About the Product: 
 The lipbalm is sleek, it comes in a tube. frankly I am NOT a fan of the packaging, the writing on the outside fades away really soon. The cap doesn’t fit. The lipbalm doesn’t go back in. 

Pigmentation: The color mentioned is “sheer color” it gives a very pretty pinkish shade to the lips which is very pretty. It is supposedly a “Magic lipstick” 😀  Its an everyday wearable lip blam/stick.
Lasting power: It lasts for a good 3-4 hrs. It is moisturizing. 

Price/availability:  60 rs/ available at medical/cosmetic stores.

Lovely pink tint.
Easy to use.
Tube packaging
Softens lips.


The piece I bought was defected may be, not sure BUT the packaging was BAD.
I like that it is a tube pack, but the lose cap/in ability to function properly is a turn off.


Its a lovely balm  But I’d pass this and rather get my self a Nivea lip balm or Maybelliene Baby lips. Those are much better.!



Which is your favorite lip balm?? 

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Review: Faces glam on cream blush peach glow

 Heyyyylllloooo my beautiful people! Today I am reviewing my newly bought cream blush from faces ^_^ I ve  used a lot of powder blushes and  was really excited to try this one out!  I am obsessed with lipsticks and blushes, no matter how many I have I get myself yet another one of them! #addictionproblems. On to the review……

The Company claims: Long lasting color stays all day long.  Compliments all skin tones.

My Take:

Packaging: It comes in a sleek packaging, its a  teeny- tiny blush. Its kinda cute, But this might disappoint people who prefer larger  packaging. The mirror is too small. But it is travel friendly! 

Color: The color is a gorgeous peach, It goes very well on fair tones as well as dusky tones. It doesn’t look too over board. The blush gives a sparkling glow, since it has golden shimmer. Adding a healthy glow to the skin.
Staying power: The claim of “all day long” is too much to stay true. It lasts a good 3-4 hrs and using a good base / primer  can prolong its stay.

Shades: Rose quartz, Hint of pink, Pinked Mauve and Peach glow

Price: 449 rs.
Quantity: 3.5 g
Product:  Faces Glam on Sun kissed.
Pretty color!
Didn’t break me out.
Gives a healthy sun kissed look.
Doesn’t feel sticky.
Suits combination, dry, normal skin.
Travel friendly.
A pretty shade for winter!
Limited shades only 4 are available. 
Might not be very satisfactory on oily skin.
This is a very pretty shade, If you like a healthy glow-y kinda blush go ahead and try it! It does have shimmer to it, but it doesn’t look like disco ball. So that’s a yay! 
                                            This made my sisters skin oily [ she has oily / combination skin type] so make sure you check that out.
With the Blush on: 

I tried really hard to get the true color of the blush, this is what it looks like in natural light.

I hope this helped, which is your favorite Blush?
Do you like crème Blushes or Powder ones?
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REVIEW: OXYGLOW nature’s care Alovera & Citrus deep Cleansing Milk

REVIEW: OXYGLOW nature’s care Alovera & Citrus deep Cleansing Milk
Hello beautiful ladies,
Welcome to my blog!! today I’ll be reviewing Oxy-Glow Cleansing Milk. This weekend i decide to try some skin care products and so i bought myself this cleansing milk and two lip balms [i love collecting lip balms tell me, i am not the only one 😀 😀 ]
Price: Rs. 145 
The Product comes in a cute white bottle. The material of the bottle is quite nice.  It is a pump bottle, so it is hygienic and travel friendly [yay!!]. The quantity is quite nice 120 ml.

Ingredients: Aqua, Sunflower oil, Almond oil, coconut oil, GMS, Aloevera, lemon peel, peach extract

The ingredients mentioned are quiet natural which is a bonus! considering all the chemical laden beauty products.

Product Claims: 
The cleansing milk cleans away the deeply set dirt oil and makeup residues and leaves skin perfectly clean and glowing.  use everyday for a hydrated and smooth complexion..

My take on the Cleansing milk:

The product doesnt dry out skin nor makes it very oily[considering I have a Normal Skin type] . it is easy to apply. It removes dirt  and makeup from the skin leaving clean. It is travel friendly and lite on pocket too!!  
below are the swatches with an eyeliner:

Ta Da !!! all clean!

Pros of oxyglow deep cleansing milk:

  • It lives up to its claims. Does the job pretty well.
  • The smell – a light fresh smell .
  • It hasn’t irritated my eyes or skin in anyway. It really is gentle.
  • It didn’t cause me to break out unlike many other cleansers, even when I didn’t wash it after removing it with cotton.
  • The quantity for the price is awesome. Will last two or three months if used daily and some 5-6 months if used not so often.

Cons of oxyglow deep cleansing milk:

  • Availabiltiy might be an issue.
  • might not be very suitable for oily skin.
Final Verdict:  its a quite good cleansing milk [considering the natural ingredients] worth a try.
Would I buy again?
Maybe, I would like to try other brands as well.
Do I recommend Oxyglow Cleansing Milk?
Yes, very good for dry and normal skin.
Rating: 4/5
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