Review: Ponds Lip ice Lip balm!

Heyyyylloooo my beautiful people!! How are you all doing?? A few days back I was waiting for a friend near metro station who decided to be incredibly late. So, I decided to get my self a bottle of water since my anger was literally heating me up! Now, you’ve predicted the reason behind the explanation I ended up buying this lipbalm 😀 
Please tell me I am not the only one who gets convinced into buying lipbalms 😛

About the Product: 
 The lipbalm is sleek, it comes in a tube. frankly I am NOT a fan of the packaging, the writing on the outside fades away really soon. The cap doesn’t fit. The lipbalm doesn’t go back in. 

Pigmentation: The color mentioned is “sheer color” it gives a very pretty pinkish shade to the lips which is very pretty. It is supposedly a “Magic lipstick” 😀  Its an everyday wearable lip blam/stick.
Lasting power: It lasts for a good 3-4 hrs. It is moisturizing. 

Price/availability:  60 rs/ available at medical/cosmetic stores.

Lovely pink tint.
Easy to use.
Tube packaging
Softens lips.


The piece I bought was defected may be, not sure BUT the packaging was BAD.
I like that it is a tube pack, but the lose cap/in ability to function properly is a turn off.


Its a lovely balm  But I’d pass this and rather get my self a Nivea lip balm or Maybelliene Baby lips. Those are much better.!



Which is your favorite lip balm?? 

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Review: Faces glam on cream blush peach glow

 Heyyyylllloooo my beautiful people! Today I am reviewing my newly bought cream blush from faces ^_^ I ve  used a lot of powder blushes and  was really excited to try this one out!  I am obsessed with lipsticks and blushes, no matter how many I have I get myself yet another one of them! #addictionproblems. On to the review……

The Company claims: Long lasting color stays all day long.  Compliments all skin tones.

My Take:

Packaging: It comes in a sleek packaging, its a  teeny- tiny blush. Its kinda cute, But this might disappoint people who prefer larger  packaging. The mirror is too small. But it is travel friendly! 

Color: The color is a gorgeous peach, It goes very well on fair tones as well as dusky tones. It doesn’t look too over board. The blush gives a sparkling glow, since it has golden shimmer. Adding a healthy glow to the skin.
Staying power: The claim of “all day long” is too much to stay true. It lasts a good 3-4 hrs and using a good base / primer  can prolong its stay.

Shades: Rose quartz, Hint of pink, Pinked Mauve and Peach glow

Price: 449 rs.
Quantity: 3.5 g
Product:  Faces Glam on Sun kissed.
Pretty color!
Didn’t break me out.
Gives a healthy sun kissed look.
Doesn’t feel sticky.
Suits combination, dry, normal skin.
Travel friendly.
A pretty shade for winter!
Limited shades only 4 are available. 
Might not be very satisfactory on oily skin.
This is a very pretty shade, If you like a healthy glow-y kinda blush go ahead and try it! It does have shimmer to it, but it doesn’t look like disco ball. So that’s a yay! 
                                            This made my sisters skin oily [ she has oily / combination skin type] so make sure you check that out.
With the Blush on: 

I tried really hard to get the true color of the blush, this is what it looks like in natural light.

I hope this helped, which is your favorite Blush?
Do you like crème Blushes or Powder ones?
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REVIEW: OXYGLOW nature’s care Alovera & Citrus deep Cleansing Milk

REVIEW: OXYGLOW nature’s care Alovera & Citrus deep Cleansing Milk
Hello beautiful ladies,
Welcome to my blog!! today I’ll be reviewing Oxy-Glow Cleansing Milk. This weekend i decide to try some skin care products and so i bought myself this cleansing milk and two lip balms [i love collecting lip balms tell me, i am not the only one 😀 😀 ]
Price: Rs. 145 
The Product comes in a cute white bottle. The material of the bottle is quite nice.  It is a pump bottle, so it is hygienic and travel friendly [yay!!]. The quantity is quite nice 120 ml.

Ingredients: Aqua, Sunflower oil, Almond oil, coconut oil, GMS, Aloevera, lemon peel, peach extract

The ingredients mentioned are quiet natural which is a bonus! considering all the chemical laden beauty products.

Product Claims: 
The cleansing milk cleans away the deeply set dirt oil and makeup residues and leaves skin perfectly clean and glowing.  use everyday for a hydrated and smooth complexion..

My take on the Cleansing milk:

The product doesnt dry out skin nor makes it very oily[considering I have a Normal Skin type] . it is easy to apply. It removes dirt  and makeup from the skin leaving clean. It is travel friendly and lite on pocket too!!  
below are the swatches with an eyeliner:

Ta Da !!! all clean!

Pros of oxyglow deep cleansing milk:

  • It lives up to its claims. Does the job pretty well.
  • The smell – a light fresh smell .
  • It hasn’t irritated my eyes or skin in anyway. It really is gentle.
  • It didn’t cause me to break out unlike many other cleansers, even when I didn’t wash it after removing it with cotton.
  • The quantity for the price is awesome. Will last two or three months if used daily and some 5-6 months if used not so often.

Cons of oxyglow deep cleansing milk:

  • Availabiltiy might be an issue.
  • might not be very suitable for oily skin.
Final Verdict:  its a quite good cleansing milk [considering the natural ingredients] worth a try.
Would I buy again?
Maybe, I would like to try other brands as well.
Do I recommend Oxyglow Cleansing Milk?
Yes, very good for dry and normal skin.
Rating: 4/5
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