Motivation: Reaching your goals

Motivation: Reaching your goals

Motivation: Reaching your goals
Motivation: Reaching your goals

When we set a goal to achieve something, It is comparatively easy to get started. Most of the times when we begin something we start with all our might… Remember the last time you decided to lose weight? Decided to learn a music instrument? Wake up early?  Have you reached your goal? Did you get where you wanted to get?

Don’t feel bad if the answer is a No. Most of the times we slip and fall … And that is Okay, as long as you don’t end up staying there. When the motivation meter shows a negative sign or you are seriously running low on motivation remind yourself WHY? 

  • Why did you start in the first place?
  • How would you feel if you got done with your goal? 
  • What is stopping you? and 
  • What can you do to fix this?

It might seem overwhelming to climb the mountain. But divide the tasks… Take one step at a time and keep moving ahead. Don’t stop .. and remind you’re self how you would feel once YOU get THERE! 

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TOP FIVE: songs to listen when feeling SAD!

TOP FIVE: songs to listen when feeling SAD! 

Everyone of us go through ups and downs.. Times where everything seems to be crumbling and falling apart… Music has the power to effect our mood/ well being. The kind of music you hear during tough times can make all the difference. It can either motivate you or further hinder your peace. Now when the lightening strikes ain’t no body got the time to google the rescue plan. So we’ve put together five of our all time favorites… These songs are upbeat and uplifiting. 

The Climb:

Miley Cyrus might no longer be Hannah Montana, But this track from her movie is sure to get you climbing the positive stairs and get you riding. 

I hope you dance

 I hope you find the strength to fight off anything that brings you down….. I hope you dance.

Shake it off

When people bring you down… When then tell you what you should do, the right and wrong of the worlds.. Shake it OFF….. Let Ms Tay Swift tell you how to shake it off her style 😉
What makes you beautiful:

If  you are confused about what makes YOU beautiful.. watch this video… This former boy band is sure to get you swinging and dancing on your toes.

Who says:

Who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not WORTH IT? Listen to this beat if you’re feelin’ the blues… and drown every negativity out of your life..! 


Stay Positive

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