My winter night- Face Routine – 2014

Heyyylllooo my beautiful people! how are you all doing?!?! I’m doing good, good enough to make it alive 😛 
I am not a very winter-y person, I cant handle the cold winds :[ 
My skin care for night is simple and easy I like keeping is minimal yet effective. I like using oil cleanse and moisturize with it. do let me know if you know about it.! 

The producxts I use:

Face wash: Lakme clean up nourishing glow: At first I didnt like this much, Because I felt it was doing nothing, BUT recently I’ve been loving this because it is gentle on my skin and cleans well.

Toner: Votre pore shrink toner, I’ve been using this toner for a month now, Its good … but doesn’t really shrink anything, I use it anyway for the soft feeling it brings !

Cream: Garnier cold cream and Vlcc Liquorice cold cream : I absolutely am in lovewith garnier cold cream it is soo good for my dry skin! rescues it for all the hassle…..

The Vlcc cold cream is good to use every now and then, this one is thick takes a while blending it in, but does the job.

Lipbalm: this is a must… for my lips, recently I’ve been into the baby lips… BUT my lip balms switch quite very often 😛 I have alot on hand right now 😉

Eye cream: I am on the hunt for a good eye cream,  I’ve heard good stuff about are, himalaya eye cream, Vlcc eye cream [ this one is supposedly thick!] & Blossom kochhar’s eye cream.. This weekend I’ve decided to give any two of them a try! 😀

What is your winter night routine??

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My Top 5 favorite lip balms for winter

Heyyyyylllloooo my beautiful people! The winter is cold as crazy and my lips are in need of some extrrrra care. The cold waves can be really harsh on your lips 🙁 so make sure you keep them happy by taking care of them.
Caution: NEVER lick your lips, it dries them out [ I commit this sin, I admit! Lets together try not to lick ’em up!  :P]
Movingggg on! Here are my top 5 lip balms my lips have been loving.

Maybelline baby lips anti oxidant berry
Nivea essential care.
Nivea fruity shine,  I love these <3
Nyassa Lip balm in bubblegum.
Nivea lip butter in raspberry rose!


Most of these are clear, BUT before all you color loving peeps  get disappointed, THESE are very good at repairing and protecting lips.

Which is your favorite lip balm?!?!

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Love you all much!

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My December favorites 2013!

Heyyyyllloooo my cupcakes..!!!!!! I hope you guys are doing great  ^___^  How is your 2014 going so far?? Mine has been moving back to college, and is filled with excitement because ….. guess 😉 [shh Its my birthday on the 10th Jan! 😉 ] Heyy! you guessed it right.. its my BIRTHDAY 😛 😉
Moving on…. These my december favorites… I’ve been using all of these products religiously.. and loving them! 
Lipstick: Chambor lipstick in Silk 
Eyes: Maybelliene Falsies mascara.
Face: Garnier BB cream
Moisturizer: Revlon Whimsical Moisturizer.
And Of-course my forever love a Perfume: Elizabeth Arden white diamonds perfume limited edition
Perfume: Elizabeth Arden white diamonds perfume limited edition

Moisturizer: Revlon Whimsical Moisturizer

Eyes: Maybelliene Falsies mascara.
Face: Garnier BB cream

Lipstick: Chambor lipstick in Silk 
Here are all the products once again…!! ^__^
What have been your favorites december 2013??? 
Huggiessssssssss !!!!! Muuuah!
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Love you all Glam dolls  
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Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

Product Description:
The new Nivea lip butter range has a buttery balm formula which melts instantly into your lips leaving them soft and smooth. The rich formula containing Shea butter and almond oil works to intensively nourish, providing long lasting moisture to leave your lips beautifully soft and healthy looking all day long.

I bought a tin of the Raspberry Rose because the combination made for a beautiful and very pretty scent. The butter itself has a great texture and is a light pink shade. However this isn’t sheer at all so upon my first application, I noticed my lips took on a pasty pink color which was NOT very exciting. It is moisturizing yet it is thick, which is fine because its a butter duh!!

Claims: “Rich formula melts onto lips providing long-lasting nourishment to make all your kisses better. Enriched with Shea Butter and Almond Oil to intensely moisturize and soothe dry lips for long-lasting care.”

Pigmentation: They are colorless, when evenly applied to the lips. If applied thickly they can give a white cast that looks odd.
Finish/Texture: The finish is shiny, just as most lip butters are. The sheen quickly fades as the lips soak up the product. The texture is what makes this product amazing. It takes a while to soak in though. 
Lasting Power: Depending on how much I apply, I can get a whole day worth of moisture. The butter is so thick, that you only need a bit to moisturize the lips.
Packaging: It comes in a round, metal tin that is filled with product. The lid easily comes of but stays on securely. Make sure to have clean fingers since you will have to dip directly into the product before applying. [Yikes!!]
Price/Availability: I paid 189 rs for this one.
Smooth, rich texture
Hydrates/moisturizes the lips
Extremely comfortable to wear
Easy to use, sturdy packaging
Softens lips
Whitish cast on the lips!!
Hygiene is an issue here…..!
Options: Their second variant is the Caramel Cream.
Have you guys tried this yet?? If yes, did you Like it?
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