Garnier Body Cocoon review






2  Product Claims:




DSC02291 Price: Rs- 185/ 250 ml.

 My Experience:

To start things off I get really lazy sometimes  most of the times when it comes to applying lotions and “stuff” on my body. If at all I apply them I like them being quick absorbing and moisturizing … Oh and has to smell good .. great actually.

Today I am reviewing Garnier Body Cocoon.  The Lotion comes in a sleek and sturdy orange bottle. It has a flip cap and is travel friendly. The lotion is quite runny as you can see from the swatch pic, it is liquid-y. It is not sticky and is easily absorbed in the skin and does the job of moisturizing quite well.  It takes less than a minute to get in, which saves me 1) time 2) time 😛  because I am very impatient when it comes to waiting for lotions to blend in 😐

The Lotion has a pleasant smell, nothing that would itch your senses to an extent that you would hate it nor  does it smell too good. Its just mild and clean.  The lotion is decently priced and is easily available.  The downside is the chemical pool, mineral pil, parabens.. so on.


  • Quick Absorbing.
  • Travel Friendly.
  • Flip Cap.
  • Attractive bottle.
  • Moisturizes Well.
  • Decently Priced.


  • No Spf.
  • Parabens, Mineral oil..etc.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommendation: If you are looking for a quick absorbing, affordable and travel friendly moisturizer then this can be your pick.  This does its job well, but needs to be re-applied.



Keep it Stylish!

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May Favorites 2014


Heyyllloo my beautiful people, welcome to my may favorites. This month has been been quite a pain, I had vivas, fell ill, and what not.. I am pretty good now though … Phew!

This month I fell in love with a lot of products, and appreciated some old ones 😉

Lakme Bi-phased Makeup remover: This is a repeat from the last month’s favorite.. I just couldn’t help not including this, Recently I’ve been wearing a lot of liners and eye shadows and this baby is does a really good job!

Travalo Atomizer : I LOVE this. period. If you are a perfume addict you neeeed this with you with out fail.  Say good bye to bulky / breakage prone bottles carry this instead and you are good to go.

Nike Perfume in Casual : This is my go to scent for summer these days. This smells clean and fruity, But is not crazy loud so very apt for this heat.

Eos Lipbalm in Summer Fruit:  I’ve always wanted to own one egg of this at least and I’ve been using this every single day ever since I bought it.  This is very light on the lips and hydrates pretty well.

Faces lip brush:  I love using this to fill in my lip color. This is affordable and does the job really well!

Real techniques base shadow brush: This is amazing for my hooded eyes… It helps fill in the color without much problem and picks up good amount of product.

Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer : I’ve been using this for a long time now and I love it! It doesn’t cause excess shine or sweat. Also absorbs quick and moisturizes the skin, I really like using this under my makeup.

Nivea Lip butter in Raspberry rose:  This is a very thick lip butter, works really well for hydrating and repairing lips, though I use this only during nights since it does leave a white cast and feels heavy.

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 2 : Okay, I did it again. But I cannot help it I have been loving this shade alot and this is my go to lip polish these days.  😛

The Body shop Strawberry Body Polish: I really like how this smells .. yummm! It does the job pretty fine. It is gentle on the skin and lathers really well 😀

Food and Drinks: 

I have been loooving the Tiramisu shake alot.

I have been eating alot of mango pickle lately, does that count? 😛


What are your favorites for this month? 


Keep it Stylish!

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My Envy Box – May 2014

Heyyllooo my beautiful people how are you doing?? I am back home for vacations and must say the climate is sizzling hot :/ Pheww! It has been a sweat filled journey so far, I am bathing in sunscreens 😉
Today I am reviewing this hot month’s much awaited “hot stuff” – My Envy Box ^_^
I really love beauty boxes, for they let me explore various products which I wouldn’t otherwise try or may be   wasn’t even aware of. My Envy Box is one such luxury sample box which lets me explore products which I can try before I buy, hence saving lots of bucks.
My Envy  Box is available for Rs. 850, and provides 5 samples consisting of international samples/ luxury product samples. It is currently based on a invite base, you can request one  Here.
I’ve had high expectations since the Ah-mazing April Box  did this May box fare-well? or was this a disappointment. Find out!

Like the last month My  Envy box came in a sturdy pink box, which I absolutely love! It contained a black pouch and 5 samples.
Here are the Products I got in my May- My Envy Box.

Innisfree- The Green Tea Seed Serum – This is going to be my first ever innisfree product [umm..sample ]. I ve heard alot about their range, so I am quiet excited to try this sample out. This having green tea extracts makes it all the more happening.

Down Town CK– Well, If you know anything about me I am a perfume ADDICT. I was soo happy to see a perfume sample, which smells delightful…. Crisp and fresh! Ahhh… need I say more?

Za true White Cleansing Foam: I received one ZA product last time, hence I am happy they gave a cleansing foam this time. Which is good,  I can Try the C-M routine to see if this brand works for me! 😀

Eminence – Tropical Vanilla Sun Cream SPF32: I am very excited to try this out, ask why??
1] This is a need in this summer- spf!
2] Vanilla!!!! I had to re-read this .. sigh! I love vanilla-anything 😛 I wished they gave a lil more quantity of this one.. sigh!

H2o+ Targeted Cream – Hand and Nail:  Lastly the box contained this beautiful Hand cream. I love how H2o gives generous samples this will last me quiet a while. So far I like this lets see after a try or two.

Overall Thoughts : I am happy with this month’s box, Everything from the packaging to the products were impressive, though the quantity of the vanilla sun cream could have been.. errr more?? I hope they include makeup samples too. I am excited to try everything, Since I haven’t tried any of these products.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Top 5 Make up Mistakes to AVOID !

Heylloooo my beautiful people.. Today is a post on 5 mistakes to avoid for a better make up. This is my take on this topic do let me know of your views. I hope you enjoy this post. 

1] Using Heavy Eyeliner on the Eyes:  Before you give a what-the-hell expression, read this 🙂 As women age, over usage or using dramatic “eyeliner”  places emphasis on the wrinkles around the eyes and the thinning lashline. Be sure to keep the eye make up simple and elegant. Thickening the line will look fake and can go wrong.
Solution? Use neutral shades for eye shadow and choose kajal/ Pencil eye liners over liquid eyeliners and you are good to go! 

2] Using a very light concealer: This one is much mentioned, yet much neglected mistake. Never use a concealer which very light to conceal since that would highlight the very part you are trying to hide! 
Solution: Many artists recommend using a concealer which is a shade light. It will add to the “awake look” and conceal the dark circles. 
3] Highlighting both the features:  When you play both the features it will look like a mess. why you ask??  It will look unappealing and confusing since all the features will scream for attention. Even the pretty leighton Meester couldn’t pull this off. 😐
Solution: When doing make up remember the thumb rule, play with one feature at a time. When wearing a spiced up eye makeup go light on the lip stick. And when wearing bold shades, keep eye makeup neutral or light.
 4] Overly done eyebrows: Overly done  eyebrows give an “unnatural” look, They clearly look made up and straight-fake-in -your -face kinds! Eyebrows frame your face, hence getting them right is crucial! 
Solution: To avoid this use an eyebrow pencil one shape lighter than your natural hair and fill in using feathery strokes[light handed.] and fill in the shape.
 5] Using the wrong shade of lipstick: Not every shade is meant to suit every skin tone. Depending on your skin tone and if you are a warm / cool undertone tone a few colors might not suit you. It is important to choose accordingly. [ let me know if you want a post explaining skin undertones.]  
Solution: Choose lipsticks according to your skin tone and undertone, one good shade will transform your whole look. It can make you look your best or your worst nightmare.
These are a few mistakes to avoid. Many more to follow.. do let me know your views on this post.

Which mistake do you see most commonly made?

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Motivation Monday – Don’t Settle.

Today’s post is a simple truth we all need to remember males//females … remember YOU don’t need anyone who doesn’t need YOU.  At times you’ll have to make these tough decisions of letting go of people. You might feel like you cannot live without them. But trust me you don’t need to beg someone to love you or to stay in your life.

 If they love you back they will stay with you no matter what. If someone is trying to push you out of their life or is ignorant to you. Don’t beg them to stay, don’t try to sew something long torn … this will never give you happiness. Move on and let life bring people who truly are meant for you close to you. it is only through opening doors for new opportunities that you will meet people who will cherish you…!

Stay Strong.
Be Blessed!

Keep it Stylish!
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Review – Travalo perfume atomizer

Heyyyllooo my beautiful friends today I’ll be reviewing a product which has become a staple now. I am a perfume lover/hoarder/addict. But god knows how many times I failed at carrying around my favorite perfume because the bottle was too bulky or leakage-prone!! 🙁
I’ve always been on a hunt for a way to carry my favorite fragrance around without having to risk my bottles. After having experimented quiet a bit with different brands promising to stay leak-proof, easy to use etc. and failing at them. I stumbled across this lil revolution!

About the Product: 

Travalo is designed to slip into bags or pockets easily and moves around smoothly, so you hardly know it’s there until you need it. Travalo comes in 2 sizes. The original holds 50 sprays of fragrance (4ml), whilst the Classic Excel holds 65 sprays (5ml), has a full size aluminium spray head, and comes with a storage / carry case It has an integrated fill level indicator window, so you never run out unexpectedly, and you never over fill it. Travalo is approved as carry on luggage on board aircraft anywhere in the world.

How to Use?
Remove the spray head from your perfume bottle.
Place your Travalo upright on top of the nozzle peg
Simply pump it up and down to fill.
Keep pumping until the fragrance level reaches the top of the window.
Do not overfill!
My experience: This is such a boon! A savior for all the perfume lovers! It is easy to fill, the indicator helps to see the quantity filled in. Doesn’t leak and is travel friendly. There are many pretty options/colors to choose from. I’ve been carrying around my favorite fragrances in this, makes the job so much more easy!! There is no rocket science involved in filling in the product, which makes it user friendly.  All you have to do is remove the cap of the spray and fit the bottom of the travalo on the pump and move it up and down until you get in the desired quantity. There are many pretty colors to choose from and they also have launched variations, other than the classic range.

Available at: TravaloAmazon.  Buy from here in INDIA

Easy to fill.
Transparent space provided to see the quantity.
Doesn’t leak.
Airplane friendly.
Takes secs to fill!!
Cute colors to choose from.
Very light.
Sturdy bottle.
Different models available.

Availability is  an issue.

Rating: 5/5.

Recommendation: If you looove your perfumes but can’t carry the bulky/ breakage – leakage prone bottles this one is for you! Trust me this will be your life savior! This is an investment for all the people who love travelling compact and are always on the go. This will save a lot of space and it is easy to travel with. You’ll hardly know this exists until you need it! Highly Recommended!

Keep it Stylish!
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FOTD: What I’ve been up to.

Heyyaa Beautiful people!! How are you all doing?? As most of you know I am home, for summers. I have been feeling a lil low, Thanks to my OCD like traits I want things to be perfect soon! I am not trying to achieve perfection yet striving for it is inevitable! 
That’s the one thing that keeps me motivated in any area of my life. But right now what has been bothering me is.. I am a utter failure at waking up early 🙁 I want to start my day soon, but I have been a negative at it. 
I don;t want to crib here, but I need to set a schedule and follow it. Any Tips?? for waking up early, please drop them!

Now Jumping to the Questions!!

Have you watched any movies lately??

Yes, I watched frozen all over again! I heart it!!

What have you been loving this week?

I have been eating plain yogurt crazily! I am not even kidding, I am looooooving it 😛

Plans for the weekend???

I have no plans for this weekend, I might be travelling 🙁 which kinda sucks in this heat!! 😐

Your favorite song at the moment.?

I have been listening crazily to [bollywood] – Jiya from gunday
and [Pop] Lorde- Royals.

What is your favorite beauty product this week?

I have been LOVING  milani corallina, it is a very pretty shade and I love coral so that’s a bonus!

PS: Guys Please check out the guest post I did for Wiseshe. Its an amazing blog, which is owned by Anamika.. you’ll love it! ^_^

Links to Wiseshe and their blogs:

What have you been upto this week???
What are your weekend plans?

I tag you all to answer these question!

Keep it Stylish!
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Fake International Giveaway by

Heyyyllooo beautiful people! I’ve been wanting to do this post since forever, But I got soo busy in moving back home that I couldn’t post this, anyway.  Today I am introducing – The world’s largest dental equipment supplier!  This is the second site of which is a leading online fashion store for all your clothing – Professional Dental Supplies

AiDentist is one of the leading suppliers dealing with high quality dental equipment and dental supplies. We offer a growing range of dental equipment such as Ultrasonic scalers, Dental handpiece , Marathon micro-motor,Dental curing-light, Ultrasonic cleaner and so much more.
Our vision has always been very clear: offering the best products at the best prices. In order to continue to achieve our vision, we will continue to pursue upgrades in the latest technologies, craftsmanship, production, research and development. Besides, we offer promotional products from time to time, and most of those products are sold at the global LOWEST price. If you want to purchase a large bulk or want to be one of our wholesalers, please contact us via email. We always take customer’s satisfaction as our motivation ahead.
We ship thousands packages to worldwide with free shipping every month, usually customer get package within 3 – 7 business days, products enjoy 3 -12 moths warranty, and 30 days money back. We have 19+ top dental brands, like Woodpecker, JINME, TOSI and ect.
Our Technician team will offer you great after-sale service if you have quality problem! AiDentist will provide you a great online shopping experience, so, welcome to! 
Why you should choose Aidentist: 
1. Best Price
Shop with us and expect to pay 15-70% less than any other site, we provide products with excellent quality at best price.
2. Wide Product Range
AiDentist has more than 5,000 products across almost categories from handpiece and curing lights to ultrasonic scaler and lab equipment. AiDentist is always developing and adding products to its site to meet your demands.
3. Free Shipping
All orders at AiDentist will be shipped for free. AiDentist is always optimizing the shipping process to decrease the time needed for customers to receive their orders.
4. Assured Quality
AiDentist is dedicated to provide quality products to customers. The products must go through three standard quality control processes at our warehouse, before they can be shipped. There is also a twelve month guarantee on all items on AiDentist.
5. World-Class Customer Service
Should you have any inquiries, please feel totally free to contact our customer service at and the highly trained customer service experts is ready to reply your email within 12 hours.
Win a clothing piece> 8 items to choose from!!
Enter the giveaway: 
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Please mention your details in the comment section.
*sponsored giveaway
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Review – Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme – Sheer Cherry

Heyyyllooo my beautiful people ! Today I’ll be reviewing Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme – Sheer Cherry.
This was my first time trying out a lip plumper, I wasn’t really sure about it, since I never gave it a chance earlier.
Read on to find out my experience!

Product Description:

The dramatic solution for full, smoochable lips. Micro-spheres with exclusive Hydro-Collagen Complex help boost fullness and shine to the extreme. Spicy gloss enhances lips’ natural color so they appear pinker, healthier and fuller.
Polybutene, Triisostearyl Citrate, Octyldodecanol, Flavor, Silica Silylate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, Atelocollagen, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tocopheryl Nicotinate, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Oil, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Oil, Tribehenin, Sorbitan Isostearate, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Capsicum Frutescens Resin, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben. May Also Contain: Tin Oxide, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Silica. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Red 6 Lake, Red 7 Lake, Red 27 Lake, Red 30 Lake, Red 33 Lake, Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Carmine.
Apply a generous amount over the entire lip area. You may experience a slight tingle. Can be worn alone, under, or over your favorite lip product. Apply as needed. Do not use on irritated lips.

Packaging:  The Lip plumper  comes in a clear plastic tube which is sturdy and of good quality. The  Applicator is like a  lip-brush, it makes the application easy and picks up good amount of the product.

Texture: It is not very thick, the texture is more liquid-y than thick. But nothing that would hamper the usage of it.
Staying Power: This stayed on me for a good 3-5 hours, and it didn’t transfer much nor bothered me.

Pigmentation: This gives a very subtle pinkish shade and has very minute shimmer added to it. The shimmer is golden-ish which adds to the charm of this plumper.

Price :  Rs- 825/-


My Experience: 

I really liked this lip plumper, for  alot of reasons many of which included that its not sticky! I despise sticky glosses/ lipsticks on my lips and thank fully this wasn’t one of them. The shade is a everyday wearable pink, It doesn’t grab attention or look anything like a botox job. Initially  I was very excited with the thought of plumper lips [angelina jolie moment ;)] I remember few years back the lip plumpers were marketed as a “way” to achieve the much loved ‘Angeline Jolie Pout :* ‘ well, if you are buying this for that purpose, this doesn’t really give plumped up lips. It causes  a tingling sensation which subsides soon -15 mins. After which the lip plumper sits there giving off a glossy finish.  The shimmer adds to the glory of this pretty color. Together this lip plumper gives the illusion of fuller lips, adding volume and keeps them moisturized. This has a cinnamon-y smell, probably because of added cinnamon. People with dry/chapped lips might get in trouble, since this causes tingling sensations.


Appearance of Fuller Lips.
Doesn’t dry out lips.
The shade will suit every skin tone.
Travel Friendly.
Stays on quiet well.


The smell might be an issue for some.
Only  4 shades to choose from.
Doesn’t live upto its claims.
Price might be an issue.
Not really ideal for dry/chapped lips.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation:  Grab this lip plumper if you are looking for an everyday wearable lip shade, for adding volume and shine to the lips with out drying them out. This will slip in easily for any occasion and is travel friendly with sturdy packaging.

Have you tried any lip-pumpers?? which ones are you’re favorites?

Keep it Stylish!
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Motivational Monday – What do you want to be???

How many times do we underestimate our worth ? what we can be? We feel fit for nothing… we let people and events decide how we live our life.
Opinions of others drown our voice and thoughts.. God knows how many great ideas must have died because of fear of being labelled/judged.
What we forget is..

You are in charge of everything you allow yourself to feel, events are inevitable but your response to it, decides its fate. You can either let yourself feel bad about something forever or dust it off and make your dreams come true!

The road won’t be easy, but it will be worth it…

Don’t let others rejection/hatred pull you down!

Stay Blessed!!!

Keep it Stylish!
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