What I’ve been upto & A tiny Haul.

Heyyyyllloooooo my beautiful people!! Recently I’ve been ill & not-so-in-shape :[[ so I couldn’t post any sooner. I thought I’d do a quick post of what I’ve been upto! 😀 
I’ve been resting, eating, I was involved in my college’s fest! ^__^ Things have been going pretty fine & nice! This is what I had on sunday:
Crispy noodle salad


My Tiny Haul:
On my recent visit to the mall I picked up a few things I wanted to try, this looks like really nothing but costed me a weeks worth of food 😛 Cosmetics these days are soo expensive :
Lotus Hypnotic eye liner
Loreal shine Caresse
Maybelline Lip polish
The Body Shop Kabuki Brush
Reviews will be up soon! ^___^ Here’s my earlier review of maybelline lip polish glam 2
What have you guys been upto??
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Keep it Stylish!
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What I got for birthday 2014

Heyyllloooo my beautiful people! How are you all doing??? I am doing just fine! I have been away for long [inevitably because I lost my source of pics 🙁 ] New story.. I’ve got a new camera as a gift from my mother! [Love you maa! <3]
My birthday was on 10th Jan, Here is a short and sweet list of what I got for my Birthday! Enjoy
Here is all that I got for my birthday:
Camera from my mother-which is not shown, because I was clicking with it! 😛
Chocolates from my best friend. Thank you R!
The accessorize and MUA palettes are gifts from my brother-karan <3 [Too lucky to have you bro 😉 ]
The neutral eye shadow palette was a gift from a best friend, Absolutely love it! cannot wait to rock it 😉
Thank you so much A!
This was from my closest friend! He gave me a greeting,chocolates and a perfume from M & S[Thank you R!!]  which I have been eyeing from the longest time I can remember! Thanks a lot to him…  I wore it for my birthday! ^___^
I had a great time, thanks to alllllll the wonderful people in my life, you guys are my hope, my shade, my rock…. God if it wasn’t for you I would never be blessed with such amazing people..
Keep it Stylish! 
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