What’s on my nightstand/bedside table??

Heyyyylllooo my beautiful people!! How are you all doing? I hope all of you singles/doubles enjoyed your valentine and had a great time! 😛
These are the things that are always right beside me on my nightstand, because they are ESSENTIALS! Enjoy ^__^

The most important thing thats on my nightstand is a Vanilla x[<3] CANDLE! I love lighting up a candle as soon as I get back to my room. Its my obsession. (scented ones of course !)

 Meet my lil basket of joy!  This lil dude holds my Sanitizer, Hand cream, Cold cream, Lip balm. These are a life savers, trust me!

I also have a few magazines, which I love flipping through every now and then. also I usually have a novel which I forgot to include since it was on the bed 😛
My Flower pen, this was a much cherished gift!  
Decoration: my Bugggs! A hello kitty. a Pupppy … Do I need to explain anything here? 😀 
Lastly my glasses, well these are my 3rd and 4th eyes 😛 [Four eyes?, get the joke? people with glasses will ]

What do you keep on your night stand?!?

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Keep it Stylish!

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