Review: Clean & Clear Oil free Moisturizer

Heyyllooo amazing people! How are you all doing? I’ve been tearing up these days :-//  Mood fluctuations have been taking their toll on me. This happens during/post winters! 
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Today I am reviewing the Clean & clear oil free moisturizer.

Product Claims & Key Ingredients: 

The Moisturizer comes in a sturdy white tube/bottle. Its hygienic to use and is easy for dispensing the product for usage. Its not very transparent, But you can sort of see the amount of product left,if that makes sense.

Price: 50 rs/  50 ml.

My Experience: 

I’ve love using this moisturizer! I have used it all up. Its easily absorbed, moisturizes really well, doesn’t sit idle on the skin making it sticky. Does the job well. It doesn’t cause excessive oilness/sweat. I used it before my make up for moisturizing and it didn’t effect my makeup, like cause it to slip or transfer. It made my skin look soft and supple. It is very easy and smooth to apply.

The claim of preventing blemishes is kinda too much to be true. Its does moisturize well, but no doesn’t really prevent blemishes.


Moisturizes  Skin really well.
Doesn’t make skin oily.
Travel Friendly.
Doesn’t break out.
Very Affordable.
Suitable for all skin types.

Prevention of “blemishes” too much to claim.
Just Key ingredients mentioned.

Ratings: 4/5.

Recommendation: This is a very good moisturizer for daily use, Its oil free, easy to use, Can be used by any skin type. Its very affordable and is travel friendly. Highly Recommended! ^_^

What is your favorite moisturizer? 
Have you ever used this moisturizer before?

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