Top 5 Make up Mistakes to AVOID !

Heylloooo my beautiful people.. Today is a post on 5 mistakes to avoid for a better make up. This is my take on this topic do let me know of your views. I hope you enjoy this post. 

1] Using Heavy Eyeliner on the Eyes:  Before you give a what-the-hell expression, read this 🙂 As women age, over usage or using dramatic “eyeliner”  places emphasis on the wrinkles around the eyes and the thinning lashline. Be sure to keep the eye make up simple and elegant. Thickening the line will look fake and can go wrong.
Solution? Use neutral shades for eye shadow and choose kajal/ Pencil eye liners over liquid eyeliners and you are good to go! 

2] Using a very light concealer: This one is much mentioned, yet much neglected mistake. Never use a concealer which very light to conceal since that would highlight the very part you are trying to hide! 
Solution: Many artists recommend using a concealer which is a shade light. It will add to the “awake look” and conceal the dark circles. 
3] Highlighting both the features:  When you play both the features it will look like a mess. why you ask??  It will look unappealing and confusing since all the features will scream for attention. Even the pretty leighton Meester couldn’t pull this off. 😐
Solution: When doing make up remember the thumb rule, play with one feature at a time. When wearing a spiced up eye makeup go light on the lip stick. And when wearing bold shades, keep eye makeup neutral or light.
 4] Overly done eyebrows: Overly done  eyebrows give an “unnatural” look, They clearly look made up and straight-fake-in -your -face kinds! Eyebrows frame your face, hence getting them right is crucial! 
Solution: To avoid this use an eyebrow pencil one shape lighter than your natural hair and fill in using feathery strokes[light handed.] and fill in the shape.
 5] Using the wrong shade of lipstick: Not every shade is meant to suit every skin tone. Depending on your skin tone and if you are a warm / cool undertone tone a few colors might not suit you. It is important to choose accordingly. [ let me know if you want a post explaining skin undertones.]  
Solution: Choose lipsticks according to your skin tone and undertone, one good shade will transform your whole look. It can make you look your best or your worst nightmare.
These are a few mistakes to avoid. Many more to follow.. do let me know your views on this post.

Which mistake do you see most commonly made?

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Secrets to Celebrity Skin Revealed!

Heyyloo my beautiful friends! All of us want to achieve the “flawless skin” so, here is a lil information on how you can look the best you! A healthy skin is the best one independent of your color!

Happy Reading ^_^
Exfoliation: Its is way important than you actually think it is. Lack of proper exfoliation can lead to building up of dead skin and blockage. Which can stop the moisturizer from penetrating and actually moisturizing the skin, rather it just sits on the skin, doing nothing.
Tip: Don’t be harsh with your skin when moisturizing, be gentle and use light motions.

Toner:  , we often forget how important it is to use a toner before we use a moisturizer on our face. It’s the basic step to hydration and allows the moirturizing cream to penetrate skin better.
Tip: Use Alcohol free toners, go for hyaluronic acid or cucumber-based toners.
Battle Dehydrated Skin:   Hydration is the key to soft and supple skin. There are various causes for dehydrated skin. Some of the common causes are over exfoliation, sunburns/over exposure, cold, not removing makeup at night, fragrances, strong acids, over washing the skin, not moisturizing .. etc
Tips: Cure the dehydrated skin. Try at home remedies to bring your skin back to life!
Face Re-hydration Mask:
Banana – ½
Glycerin – 1 tsp.
Honey – 1 tsp
Oats – 2 tsp. Mix all the ingredients and leave for 10-20 mins, rinse with luke warm water.
Right Technique to Moisturize:  Look in the mirror while you moisturize, so you don’t miss any spots. Also, don’t forget your neck — it’s one of the first places to show the signs of aging!!
Tip:  Use slow and circular motions, don’t be harsh by rubbing or pulling on the skin.
Antioxidants: Antioxidants are a celeb favorite. “Antioxidants are man-made or natural substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage” Use creams/products with antioxidants. Also use them in your diet, eat foods rich in antioxidants.
Tip: Eat foods like Apples, Prunes, Red grapes, raisins, nuts, green tea .. etc
Glycolic Acid Peels:  This is a widely used chemical peel. Done by a professional, this helps is clearing marks and pigmentation. Over the counter 6-10% of the Glycolic Acid peel lotions are available. Although DO visit a dermatologist for further information about the chemical peels and donnot try this on your own.
Hope you enjoyed this post,
Stay Tuned for more!
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How to lose 30+ Kgs! [ That’s so raven Star’s story]

I don’t own these pics Nor I intend too. They are just a medium of representation! I dont wish to claim them.
I hope you Enjoyed the Secrets of That’s so Raven 🙂 I am planning on doing a weight loss series for new year, Do let me know if you guys are interested in one! ^_^ Sorry for lack of updates on the blog I have back to back 4 exams 🙁 Wish me luckkkk People! Take Care Guys!
   Lose it in style.
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