A Shocking News, and New beginnings. + Tiny Miny Haul.

Heyyylllooo my beautiful people!! how are you all doing?? I’ve missed you all so much! I have a news to share, its painful and sad. I’ve been so upset about it that I took a while to get over it.!
As you all know my birthday was on the 10th of Jan, [which by the way was great!]
What followed later was a pain! >.<
On the 12th of Jan I…….
I mysteriously LOST my partner
You heard me right.
My partner, my assistant, my friend, my …
*A min. of silence
and NO I am not being over dramatic. I’m deeply grieving over its loss, Much more because it had precious memories. my 21st birthday’s pics!Like everything is  GONE!
Just in a Sec
That is why I couldn’t upload, I had no pics, all my tutorials, hours spent on work..
Moving on…
I’ll be getting a camera sooon and that jazz of a new phone should be soon sorted.
Today I am posting a tiny haul, literally.. It has just 2 neck pieces 1 is a gift and the other I bought from a store in my home town.
xLove them both, though these winters I am warped in sweaters, if you see a snow man walk that’ll probably be me…… I am walking winter wardrobe warmers,sweaters, coat, scarf, beanie, socks, gloves, I like literally freeze, I can probably win a statue competition .. ok enuf said!
What have you guys been upto? 
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P.S what I got for my birthday post soon to be up!
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My December favorites 2013!

Heyyyyllloooo my cupcakes..!!!!!! I hope you guys are doing great  ^___^  How is your 2014 going so far?? Mine has been moving back to college, and is filled with excitement because ….. guess 😉 [shh Its my birthday on the 10th Jan! 😉 ] Heyy! you guessed it right.. its my BIRTHDAY 😛 😉
Moving on…. These my december favorites… I’ve been using all of these products religiously.. and loving them! 
Lipstick: Chambor lipstick in Silk 
Eyes: Maybelliene Falsies mascara.
Face: Garnier BB cream
Moisturizer: Revlon Whimsical Moisturizer.
And Of-course my forever love a Perfume: Elizabeth Arden white diamonds perfume limited edition
Perfume: Elizabeth Arden white diamonds perfume limited edition

Moisturizer: Revlon Whimsical Moisturizer

Eyes: Maybelliene Falsies mascara.
Face: Garnier BB cream

Lipstick: Chambor lipstick in Silk 
Here are all the products once again…!! ^__^
What have been your favorites december 2013??? 
Huggiessssssssss !!!!! Muuuah!
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Love you all Glam dolls  
Keep it Stylish!!

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What I got for Christmas 2013 !!

Hey guys!! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I enjoyed alot, as you all know I am home for holidays [Thank you god! O_O] My mother, Brother and me went out for a cozy dinner, although my dad and sister missed it [ boo!!!] 
Here’s what  I got for Christmas, although its not a tradition in our family to give gifts on Christmas, My family was just very generous and kind enough to give me so many presents which I am deeply thankful for and I feel blessed to have such an amazing family! 
Moving on…
Here’s what I got:
Beauty Products:

I have been wantinggg a bronzer for the longest time I remember, My brother and sister also my best friends know me so well, they  gifted me a Lakme absolute bronzer in sun kissed! [whhhhhhhatttttttt? yay!] I really love the shade it is a Beauty!

To go with it they also got me the most famous Bourjois healthy mix foundation, I’ll be using it today for the first time, can’t you tell I am super excited already?!?! and also the Bourjois lipstick in sweet kiss.

My Mother was veryy kind she got me a complete skin care routine which included:

The Body shop Brazil Nut Body Butter.
The Body shop Peach scrub

She also got me the Madagascan Vanilla flower set:
The shower gel, lotion and the mist.
[I LOVE this set… review?? do let me know :]

Finally, I received these two antique silver rings from my grandma… which I absolutely ADORE! ^_^

The fuzzy red socks you see in the background were given by my friend 😀 😀 I love how comfortable they feel.!

This is all I got for Christmas, what all did you get???

PS this post was a requested one, and is NOT intended to hurt or show off… I come home only once in six months so the whole pampering happens only twice a year 😀 😛 Just saying…

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God bless ya’ll

Keep it Stylish!
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My Current Skin care! [Winter Edition]

Helloooo my beautiful people! I finally have put together my current skin care routine, which I have been following to beat the winter blues! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions, I’d love to help!
These are all the products I’ve been using this season
For my face wash I’ve been using my vivel 3 in 1 face wash +scrub: This is a good cleanser, although its a lil harsh for winters I’d say. But it leaves my skin squeaky clean, yet not dry [I have normal skin, tends to be dry at times]

Now, these are the two creams I’ve been using for the dry winter times! I’ve gotten the Votre massage cream recently so trying it out for you guys! [a review will be up soon!] and the Vivel Winter Nourish Cream, I use this as a day cream it is  also quiet thick, not very sure if this is a good choice for those with oily skin, works good for dry and normal skin, also it has  spf15!

I am not a huge toner user, BUT I’ve recently started to use one! it is this votre pore shrink toner, I’m still in the process to seeing results, will do a review on this one soon! xoxox

Now this I use when my feet act fancy[I mean dry 😐 ] I use the Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream This is good for temporary results, which are quiet good!

Okay, frankly I am a lil lazy when it comes to body moisturizing 😐 :  [Please tell me I’m not the only one :O ]
So, I am tryin…….g to remember my lotion, and when I do I use the Nivea whitening cell repair and Uv protect, although soon I’ll either be getting the moisturizing ones or the vaseline oil which I’ve been seeing around.

Now as for Exfoliation I’ve been using my DIY Exfoliating scrub and DIY honey winter mask
The recipes for these are up next! so stay Tuned for more.
I hope this was not boring, I tend to use Organic skin care products, do let me know if you’d like to see my Chemical free skin care routine! ^_^

What is your favorite skin care product? 
And…..What’s your routine? 
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                                                             Keep it Stylish!

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Confessions of a Beauty Blogger Tag!

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I am so sorry for being away this long! I needed a break after my exams, which I have thankfully had! ^_^
                                                              I’ve been checking this Tag out of youtube alot! Soooo I decided to get it in for bloggers as well, I don’t  know if it already exists,  hope you enjoy.
The Tag!
1. How many hours a week do you spend writing a Post?
I try to make interesting posts as often as possible. Although I don’t have any fixed hours. It would totally depend on the post I tend to do.
2. Are you a spender or a saver?
Umm Tough one 😛  I am a spender most of the times, BUT lately I have been saving up. But I am a spender [its our lil secret Shhhh]
3. When is it easiest for you to Blog?
Night, I’d say because I am an Owl ^_^ Oh yea!
4. What’s your worst makeup/ hair habit?
At times I am super lazy and I just use a wet tissue to clean up and skip the rest, and usually this happens when I am drained out because of college.
5. One quote that you wish the world would live by?

6. How long do you spend getting ready every day?
I take  half an hour to 15 mins, because I don’t do eye make up every day, Its just my college make up with the basics so it doesn’t take much time.
7. Your favorite video on YouTube?
That should be the what’s in my bag ones [yea… I know I’m cool ;)xx 😉 ]
8. One thing you are xexcited about in the upcoming year?
I’ll be home for New year! which if you know I stay in a hostel and this visit would be after a period of 6 months. Home sweet Home!
 9. Your most awkward moment?
I have an awkward moment almost everyday 😛 :/  But my super awkward moment should be when I sneezed loud enough to scare my teacher off , this was when I was in my 6th grade. because it was past school hours everything was too quiet and there was a sneeze echo!  Lol  I still remember the way she ran Hahaha..! [don’t judge me, I know you have your share of awkward moments too 😛 ]
 10. Are you wearing pants(jeans/skirt) right now or are you actually wearing pajama bottoms?
My skinny Jeans, because I just am back from college 😉
 11.What are you most proud of in your life?
Well, can I take this moment to be proud of my Family? I guess I can.
I am sooo blessed to have people who love me, and I am so proud and thankful for them. They make me shine like a star, they’ve loved me endless. If you guys are reading this [ which I know you will :D] I am very proud to call you my fam! Love you guys! xoxox
Okay, Now moving on from the sentimental parts, It time for me to TAG woooohoooooo!
Bharti Puri.
Shanaya Sinner.
And any one else who is keen on doing this Tag, Its exciting do try it! and don’t forget to leave me a comment with a link to your tag, will love to check it out!
The Questions! 

1. How many hours a week do you spend writing a Post?
2. Are you a spender or a saver?
3. When is it easiest for you to Blog?
4. What’s your worst makeup/ hair habit?
5. One quote that you wish the world would live by?
6. How long do you spend getting ready every day? 
7. Your favorite video on YouTube?
8. One thing  you are excited about in the upcoming year?
9. Your most awkward moment?
10. Are you wearing pants(jeans/skirt) right now or are you actually wearing pajama bottoms?
11.What are you most proud of in your life?

Answer the Questions.
Mention who has tagged you.
Tag ahead!

Have fun!! ^_^

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Lakme Skin Gloss – Winter Intense Moisturizer

A week back my eyes landed on this eye catching evil lil phrase ” Skin gloss” I immediately picked it up and got introduced to Lakme Skin Gloss- Winter Intense Moisturizer. Mind you the day before I bought this I purchased VLCC moisturizer. >.<
What clearly attracted me to this was the claim of making your skin soft, supple and dryness free {what! O_O} Don’t we all just want that perfect silk smooth skin? Lol
Moving on

It comes in a regular Lakme Bottle. There are the Tub versions as well, But I’d rather pick this just for the hygiene reasons. The lotion spreads on evenly and smoothly not too runny, Just the perfect consistency. On the very first use It gives a soft feeling, Its easily absorbed and stays on for quite sometime [ yay!!] The good part is it doesn’t make your skin oily! which I was a lil doubtful of when I was purchasing it. But luckily it didn’t turn me down! [whooop!]

Price/Availability: I paid 195 rs for this one.
Smooth, rich texture
No stickiness!
Easy to use
Hygienic packaging!

Parabens!!! >.<

Have you guys tried this yet??
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REVIEW: OXYGLOW nature’s care Alovera & Citrus deep Cleansing Milk

REVIEW: OXYGLOW nature’s care Alovera & Citrus deep Cleansing Milk
Hello beautiful ladies,
Welcome to my blog!! today I’ll be reviewing Oxy-Glow Cleansing Milk. This weekend i decide to try some skin care products and so i bought myself this cleansing milk and two lip balms [i love collecting lip balms tell me, i am not the only one 😀 😀 ]
Price: Rs. 145 
The Product comes in a cute white bottle. The material of the bottle is quite nice.  It is a pump bottle, so it is hygienic and travel friendly [yay!!]. The quantity is quite nice 120 ml.

Ingredients: Aqua, Sunflower oil, Almond oil, coconut oil, GMS, Aloevera, lemon peel, peach extract

The ingredients mentioned are quiet natural which is a bonus! considering all the chemical laden beauty products.

Product Claims: 
The cleansing milk cleans away the deeply set dirt oil and makeup residues and leaves skin perfectly clean and glowing.  use everyday for a hydrated and smooth complexion..

My take on the Cleansing milk:

The product doesnt dry out skin nor makes it very oily[considering I have a Normal Skin type] . it is easy to apply. It removes dirt  and makeup from the skin leaving clean. It is travel friendly and lite on pocket too!!  
below are the swatches with an eyeliner:

Ta Da !!! all clean!

Pros of oxyglow deep cleansing milk:

  • It lives up to its claims. Does the job pretty well.
  • The smell – a light fresh smell .
  • It hasn’t irritated my eyes or skin in anyway. It really is gentle.
  • It didn’t cause me to break out unlike many other cleansers, even when I didn’t wash it after removing it with cotton.
  • The quantity for the price is awesome. Will last two or three months if used daily and some 5-6 months if used not so often.

Cons of oxyglow deep cleansing milk:

  • Availabiltiy might be an issue.
  • might not be very suitable for oily skin.
Final Verdict:  its a quite good cleansing milk [considering the natural ingredients] worth a try.
Would I buy again?
Maybe, I would like to try other brands as well.
Do I recommend Oxyglow Cleansing Milk?
Yes, very good for dry and normal skin.
Rating: 4/5
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