Brush Guide For Dummies

Brush Guide For Dummies

Confused which hair brush is for you? Facing hair fall/ Breakage? As surprising as it might sound.. Your hair brush might be the one to blame! Using wrong hair brush while styling could contribute to damage. Find out which hair brush is the – Brush of your dreams needs ! 

Lazy Girl's Hair Brush Guide
Lazy Girl’s Hair Brush Guide

With overwhelming brushes available in the market it could get really confusing which on to pick for your needs. Follow this chart to find out the ideal brush for you! If you don’t style your hair at all and are the lazy girl on the go kinds; Go with a paddle brush: This brush would help straighten your hair and also take care of the tangles. This is the perfect on the go brush. 

Tip: Go for synthetic bristles if you have thick hair. Synthetic bristles = no static hair.

If you are into blow drying your hair and need some serious curling action go for the round brush with a wooden handle when you blow dry. This would leave your hair bouncy and curly. For tighter curls use a smaller round brush. 

Tip: Blast cold setting of the blow dryer after a hot one, To set the curl.

Natural Bristle  brush [6th one] Are usually made of boar bristles. These distribute the natural oils of the hair evenly. Creating shiny and manageable hair. These are expensive, But are sure worth the try.

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