Hi There! Welcome to The Glamorous Diva. I am Manpreet, Full time beauty blogger and the author of  TGD. The Glamorous Diva, was born out of my passion for  make up.    I truly believe that everyone  can look glamorous in their own skin. A dash of style, a pinch of motivation , Sprinkle some glitter and  you’ll shine your best!

You’ll find product reviews, make up looks, Do it Yourself projects, fashion, life saving tips, discover celebrity secrets and get motivated  all under one roof.  I update my blog almost everyday with posts written by me. [ unless otherwise stated].

I have dark brown eyes, Fair-to- Medium skin tone. Combination skin.

Hair: Dry and  straight hair

Oh! Also I am a foodie, coffee addict and a true Capricorn.

Feel free to connect with me:

Mail me at: manpreettheglamorousdiva@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theglamorousdiva

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