A Shocking News, and New beginnings. + Tiny Miny Haul.

Heyyylllooo my beautiful people!! how are you all doing?? I’ve missed you all so much! I have a news to share, its painful and sad. I’ve been so upset about it that I took a while to get over it.!
As you all know my birthday was on the 10th of Jan, [which by the way was great!]
What followed later was a pain! >.<
On the 12th of Jan I…….
I mysteriously LOST my partner
You heard me right.
My partner, my assistant, my friend, my …
*A min. of silence
and NO I am not being over dramatic. I’m deeply grieving over its loss, Much more because it had precious memories. my 21st birthday’s pics!Like everything is  GONE!
Just in a Sec
That is why I couldn’t upload, I had no pics, all my tutorials, hours spent on work..
Moving on…
I’ll be getting a camera sooon and that jazz of a new phone should be soon sorted.
Today I am posting a tiny haul, literally.. It has just 2 neck pieces 1 is a gift and the other I bought from a store in my home town.
xLove them both, though these winters I am warped in sweaters, if you see a snow man walk that’ll probably be me…… I am walking winter wardrobe warmers,sweaters, coat, scarf, beanie, socks, gloves, I like literally freeze, I can probably win a statue competition .. ok enuf said!
What have you guys been upto? 
Do comment, Subscribe!
Share some Love! ^__^
Keep it Stylish!
P.S what I got for my birthday post soon to be up!

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