4 Ways To Make Your Colored Mascara Look Flawless

Back is the colored weapon of the 80’s to adore the eyes of the adventurous, We’re talking about Colored Mascaras; They come in all colors Pink, Blue, Indigo.. You name it!  But there are certain tips and tricks to make sure. Your colored lashes look flawless. Here we’re sharing our 4 Tips + a Bonus [shh] To help you rock them lashes.

#Tip 1: Coat Both lashes: Coat both upper and lower lashes evenly. Coating just one lash might make it look odd. Play it up by using colored mascara on both the lashes. For a less dramatic effect use one color to coat them both. If you are feeling rather adventurous you could coat them different colors. 

# Tip 2: Play it safe: If you are confused which color to pick. Play it safe with a blue or purple as they are flattering on all eye colors. 

# Tip 3: Bare it all: When sporting a colored lash look. Tone down the rest of your makeup. Make the lashes stand out! Choose a brown family or a sheer coverage on the lips. 


#Tip 4: Its in the Tips: Additionally what you could do is, just cover the tips of your lashes with the colored mascara. In case you aren’t prepared for  full blown colored lashes. You could just coat the Tips.

#Bonus: When in doubt layer up: To add a slight hint of color; Just use your regular mascara and then add one / two coats of the colored mascara. Depending on the color you choose, You might have to add a layer or tone it down a bit. Just enough to give that pop of color.

Hope these tips help you to rock them colored lashes! Just a reminder.. Play up! Don’t be afraid to be adventurous. Try different looks and rock what feels confident! A blue mascara with pink lipstick Heck yes!

Did you know? 

Egyptians used khol to darken their lashes; But it doesn’t end there. They mixed in some honey and crocodile poo to keep it from smudging. 

Eugéne Rimmel, in 1830’s was the first to kick start the mascara trend. His “invention” became so popular that Rimmel now translates to Mascara in a lot of languages.

“Maybel” , The sister of Tom Williams inspired brand name Maybelline. She was not only his inspiration but he adapted her name onto his brand as well. Maybel-line. 

The first ever cosmetic to sell water proof? Any guess.. Well, it was none other than the good old mascara; that was waterproofed! 

Lastly, Ever wondered why women open their mouth while applying mascara? It makes it easier not to blink the eye ! duh

These are just some interesting facts related to mascara. We have a lot of other interesting facts coming up in another post.


Stay Beautiful!

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